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Danny Tidwell in 2013 – How Is He Doing?

What’s going on with Danny Tidwell in 2013?

Overnight, he’s been a hot topic for dance fans. (Well, he’s always been hot).

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, Debbie Allen talked about Travis Wall’s choreography and how it was about Travis and his brother Danny Tidwell. I’m assuming that Travis “carried” his brother from a “dark place” in Danny’s life when he hit “rock bottom.”

Adam Shankman also tweeted that “somewhere Danny is watching”:

These made fans wonder what happened to Danny Tidwell. Is anything wrong? Was he in an accident?

As far as I know, he’s OK. He’s been living in Oslo, Norway since 2010 as a member of the Norwegian National Ballet.

He also celebrated his birthday last August 1.

He deleted his social media presence a while back so news about him has been scarce.

Update: He’s definitely OK. :)

Danny Tidwell in 2013 - He's fine and still hot

Danny Tidwell in 2013 – He’s fine and still hot

(Via David Benaym)

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Thanks Rickey for this post.  I wish Tidwell had more videos like the Fire Island piece.  He's just thrilling and moving to watch.  I sort of wonder: is there any way he could have been a mainstream superstar?  I don't know, we don't have any household-name crossover (jazz/ballet) dancers.  But he had it all.  Wish he lived here in LA and I could see him perform sometimes.  


I think it was a cop out. This piece ia about two lovers but they couldn't make it a gay-centered pieceso they made them brothers.but it was the first gay romantic dance on sytycd so PROUD! Look at Travis in the loop emphadized brothera and his smirk after debbi says brother danny tidwel. If not oh well made It a wonderful piece In my mind. Try It change thw story make them lovers. very beautiful either way.


Thank you for researching this. I heard them talk about him on Tuesday. Yes he was and always will be my fave from SYTYCD. I got worried that he had an accident or something. What a beautiful soul and dancer. No one will ever compare to him.


Danny is my all-time favorite dancer from  SYTYCD.  I had read that he was  a dancer with the Norwegian National Ballet. Then, I wondered....Why couldn't he get a position with the American Ballet Theater (He was there in the past) or the New York City Ballet?


@oodgirl I have to disagree with you on the intent of the piece. You could tell how they were touching that there wasn't any type of romance there. Also there was a two male performance on SYTYCD that I do think was about lovers but they said it was about "friends" was choreographed by Travis and it was danced by Neil and Kent. Watch that routine & the Tucker & Robert routine and you can see the major difference in the touch. Travis even cast it the Robert and Tucker routine...Robert is Danny, who is a different ethnicity than Travis and dark, compared to Travis' complexion. In the Kent & Neil piece I believe Kent is Travis and Neil is a former lover (looking at Travis' date history Neil looks the part). That routine with Tucker & Robert was definitely a brotherly situation. Just watch Kent & Neil & you'll see the difference.