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Danielle Bradbery – Born To Fly – The Voice 4

Danielle Bradbery sang “Born To Fly” on The Voice Season 4 Top 3 Finale for Team Blake Shelton.

Download: Born To Fly

Danielle closed out the show. Did she win? Looks like she will!

Danielle Bradbery – Born To Fly – Video

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It is true that Danielle has things to learn, but she has more potential than the others. What does that mean? It means that she was singing over Blake during most of their duet. It means that audio engineers can relax when she sings in her lower register. It means her pitch is very precise, and her tones are rich. It also means that when she grows more comfortable with herself, she will probably be revered as on of the better voices in Country music. I'm not even a Country fan, but I do appreciate raw talent when I see it. 


Danielle is really good, but she is only 16, she does need to learn how to move for the audience, shes so stiff, she swings her arms back n forth, but it makes her look nervous, not in the beat of the moment, heck I 'd be just like that, I'm not pickin at her, shes a  real good singer,  and I agree with Rozy Man, maybe Blake can git her to hang out with Miranda and the Pistol Annies a bit see what they do, how they move, or maybe Shikira .. either would be great mentors, keeping in mind she is 16 years old, we not need another Miley C., Danielle should grow up as shes ready too. Just a tid bit of infor, I have a daughter  and I think this is a tough one, but shes gonna be a country star, shes gotta move thos hips a bit work her stage <3 Love her ...and I loved Sasha too, this is a real hard pick this year you had all good stars on stage this year ..God Bless <3


Best voice, least stage appeal. When this is over Blake needs to find someone to work with her on stage appearance. Put her on tour with Pistol Annie for awhile and learn how to work an audience.

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