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Dance Moms – Season 3 Premiere – Recap – The Beginning of the End

Dance Moms returned with a new season, a new dancer, and a new dance mom! Since dancers Brooke & Paige left the Abby Lee Dance Company, Abby found a replacement in new dancer Ally.

Abby, the maniac, is back and she’s tougher than ever this season.

Check out the recap for Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 1 – “The Beginning of the End”:


Dance Mom Kelly and her two daughters Brooke & Paige quit the Abby Lee Dance Company. Kelly pulled her daughters out of the program because Abby mistreated them. They just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m pretty sure that Kelly would’ve pulled her kids out of the program years ago if there wasn’t a camera crew around to film their every move. These moms and daughters love being on camera, so that probably played a part in Kelly allowing her daughters to stay in the program these last two seasons.

Abby didn’t have her usual pyramid up in this episode (because she didn’t have enough people to do a pyramid). She needed at least 6 dancers to complete the pyramid, but she currently only had 5—Maddie, Mackenzie, Chloe, Nia, and Kendall. Abby held an audition to find replacements for Brooke & Paige. She was originally looking for two dancers to replace them, but she eventually chose just one 13-year-old dancer named Ally. Abby was looking for someone to compete in the 13-15 age category, and Ally fit the bill. Ally’s mother Shelley, on the other hand, did not fit in with the other moms. Shelley & Abby are becoming best buddies though!

New dancer, Ally

This weekend, the team headed to Denver, Colorado to compete in the “In10sity (Intensity)” dance competition. Since these girls won Nationals last season, Abby expected nothing less than first place this weekend.


Here are the numbers/performances for “In10sity”:

Solo #1 – Dancer Maddie: “Don’t Leave Me” – Lyrical Piece

I thought she did a great job. She won first place. No surprise there.

Solo #2 – Dancer Chloe: “Nobody’s Perfect” – Contemporary Piece

She also did a great job. She won second place. Abby was upset that Chloe forgot some of her turns. I didn’t even notice that she missed a few turns.

Solo #3 – Dancer Kendall: “It Girl” – Jazz Piece

She did a decent job, but there’s definitely room for improvement. She just needs to tighten up her technique just a teeny bit. Her mother Jill didn’t think that Kendall performed up to par. She won fifth place.

Solo #4 – Dancer Mackenzie: “Goodie, Goodie” – Acrobatic Piece

Her bow was not sewed into her hair and it fell off during her performance, but she won first place anyway. Here are some quotes from this episode:

Mackenzie: “Haha, Abby. I won anyways.”

Abby: “Mackenzie, don’t get a big head. It’s only the beginning of the season, and there weren’t that many people there.”

This little girl cracks me up! I think she has a good, yet innocent, sense of humor.

Group Number: “Angel and Demons” – Lyrical Piece

Chloe was originally supposed to play the “Angel,” because she was the tallest member of the group before Ally joined in. Later in the episode, Abby told new dancer Ally to play the “Angel” since she is now the tallest member of the group. Chloe’s mother Cristi was obviously not very happy about this, but they won first place anyway.


Also: do you remember Dance Mom Cathy and her daughter Vivi-Anne from Season 1? Well… Cathy owns a dance company called Candy Apples Dance Center, and she just had a major fallout with one of her paying clients… so one of her main dancers (Justice) isn’t coming back. Cathy is planning to scrap all of her current dancers (including her daughter) to create an all boys’ team.

Dance Mom, Cathy

So… I just started watching this series about four days ago, and I think it’s funny and scary. It’s funny because of the comments that the dance moms make, but it’s scary when Abby & the mothers’ conversations get so heated. I know it’s all for show, and it’s more than likely fake & contrived… but their arguments scare me more than the people that show up on The Maury Show. LOL! And you know how those people are…

I just finished watching Season 1 yesterday. I still have to catch up on Season 2 though.

The next episode airs 01/08 at 9pm ET on Lifetime. 


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