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Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 9 – Video Recap – Bye Bye Baby

The recap of Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 9 – “Bye Bye Baby”:

Due to Abby grieving over her beloved dog’s death, she asked one of her assistant choreographers to teach the kids for the week whilst she stayed home with her mother. Her dog “Broadway Baby” died of kidney failure and old age. She was 16.

Abby only showed up for the pyramid and for the competition. Here’s a look at the pyramid this week:

6. Paige
5. Brooke
4. Mackenzie
3. Kendall
2. Nia
1. Maddie

While Abby was gone, the mothers changed the group song and the choreography to pay tribute to “Broadway Baby.” Abby didn’t find about this change until the day of the competition. Since she didn’t appreciate them “screwing” with her choreography, her music, and her costumes, she had no other choice but to have the girls improvise their group number during the competition.

The girls also created a poster for Abby and her late dog because they wanted to cheer her up.

The girls designing a poster for Abby

The girls designing a poster for Abby

Last season, a woman named Kaya/“Black Patsy” brought her daughter Nicaya to the Abby Lee Dance Company, only to be quickly replaced by Kendall and her mother Jill. Needless to say, Black Patsy and Jill butted heads at the competition (which you’ll read more about later in this recap).

The competition took place in St. Louis, MO this week.

Nia’s Solo – “Breaking My Heart” – Jazz Piece:

Albeit her showing confidence during this number, I thought she was a bit stiff. Nia needs to improve her flexibility a bit. She placed third overall and she also won “Best Costume of the Night.”

Maddie’s Solo – “Showing You My Heart” – Lyrical Piece

Maddie did a phenomenal job, as usual. She placed first overall.

Group Number – “Beautiful Day” – Complete Improv:

Even though the girls improvised this group number, they still placed first overall.

Nicaya’s Solo – Black Patsy’s daughter – Nia’s Competition:

Nicaya participated in this competition to show Abby how much she’s improved over the last year. Abby doesn’t believe that Nicaya has progressed; Nicaya has actually regressed from last season.

After Nicaya’s mother Black Patsy criticized Nia and Kendall in the hallway, Jill used this opportunity to defend her daughter.

Black Patsy: “Your daughter (Kendall) sucks. B*tch, you don’t wanna go there with me. I will show your ass hood!”
Jill: “My daughter can dance, b*tch!”

Since Black Patsy was unable to control her temper in the hallway, she and Nicaya were disqualified from the competition.

Then, Christi summarized Black Patsy and Jill’s argument quite well: “I thought it was hysterical to see Jill get all hoodrat. [I didn’t defend Jill because] I was worried that Black Patsy was gonna pull out my weave!”

Christi summarizing Jill and Black Patsy's fight

Christi summarizing Jill and Black Patsy’s fight


Christi and Kelly reconciled their differences later in the episode, and they vowed to “fight the evil forces together again.”

Rest in Peace, Broadway Baby! 🙁

Broadway Baby. RIP

Broadway Baby. RIP

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