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Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 4 – Recap – Liar Liar Dance Mom on Fire!

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard while watching an episode of Dance Moms, as I did in Episode 4. I think the dancers’ sense of humor, the dance moms’ sense of humor, and Abby’s sense of humor is an amazing combination for the show. The producers have taken a giant leap forward by adding a comedic element to this series. I believe the comedy contributes to the success of Season 3. I even rewound a few times because I wanted to watch the funny scenes again! No matter how many times that I rewound the funny scenes, I couldn’t stop laughing! However, this IS ‘Dance Moms’ we’re talking about, so we cannot have an episode without a teeny bit of drama. The producers and editors should definitely stick with this combination: a lot of comedy + a little bit of drama = success.

Abby Lee Miller started doing the pyramid again this week. Here’s the breakdown of her pyramid.

From bottom-most to top-most (with Abby’s opinions):

7. Chloe – She was at the bottom of the pyramid because she forgot her solo last week
6. Nia – She doesn’t apply the corrections
5. Mackenzie – She won’t be in the group numbers going forward because Abby thinks she made a “mockery” of the group number last week. (She had difficulty pulling out the red carpet on stage last week)
4. Paige – She had a featured part in last week’s group number, but she didn’t make her tilt & jump “fabulous”
3. Maddie – Abby thinks she’s now standing in the shadows of dancer Sophia
2. Kendall – Abby doesn’t believe she could keep up with Sophia
1. Sophia – She was in L.A. shooting a movie, so she did not appear in this week’s episode…but Abby put her at the top of the pyramid anyway

Brooke wasn’t on the pyramid this week because Abby removed her from last week’s group number.

Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 4 – Recap – Liar Liar Dance Mom on Fire!


Abby informed everybody that they would be travelling to Greensboro, North Carolina this week. So Abby asked the mothers to come by her garage to look for some old props. This entire garage scene had me laughing out loud!!!

Here are some funny moments which took place in the garage:

  • The mothers found mice droppings in the garage
  • Then, they actually found a dead mouse in the garage. Holly screamed at the top of her lungs and drove away
  • Dance mom Kelly started making fun of Abby’s old pictures. There was one in particular of Abby with a black eye. Kelly tried to imagine that SHE was the one who gave Abby that black eye
  • Lastly, their combined high-pitched laughs just had me rolling on the floor!!! (I hope I can find a snippet video somewhere to show you guys! It was too funny)

Mackenzie’s Solo: “Lemonade” – Acrobatic Piece:

Mackenzie has so much personality, and she’s definitely the funniest of all the dancers. She’s way more outgoing than her older sister—Maddie—is. Mackenzie introduced her number to the camera: “My routine is called ‘Lemonade,’ and I’m gonna be a big glass of l-e-m-o-n-a-d-e.” I think she did an amazing job with her number. Her technique is definitely more on point now that she’s older. She placed first overall.

Paige’s Solo: “I Wanna Dance” – Acrobatic Piece:

Abby had an issue with Paige’s arms during rehearsal. Paige’s mother—Kelly—agreed with Abby that Paige has “noodl-y” arms. Paige just has long arms…that’s all. I think she did a good job; however, she just needs to be a little more fluid on stage. She placed third overall.

Maddie & Kendall’s Duet: “Sugar and Spice” – Jazz Piece:

This is the duet that stirred up so much drama in this episode. Maddie’s mother—Melissa—was upset that Maddie didn’t have a solo. Melissa was also upset that Sophia is now receiving the most attention from Abby. Then, Melissa told Abby that she wasn’t happy about Maddie being in a duet, but proceeded to tell Jill the exact opposite. Jill confronted both Abby & Melissa in the dressing room at Greensboro… and then Abby said something to Melissa that I found humorous: “If your kid (Maddie) is doing a solo, you’re up Christi’s butt.” (In seasons prior, Christi—Chloe’s mother—wasn’t happy about Chloe living in the shadows of Maddie, but now Abby is comparing that scenario to Maddie now living in the shadows of Sophia). Despite the drama in the dressing room, Maddie & Kendall did an excellent job. They placed first overall.

Group Number: “Voyage Home” – Contemporary Piece:

Abby removed Brooke from this group number as well, so Brooke had to stay home again. The dancers had to portray immigrants this week, so Abby dug up some dark costumes for the girls. Also: she didn’t define “immigration” correctly. (She wanted the girls to immigrate “home” during their number). Nia’s mother—Holly—said something incredibly funny about that: “I’m listening to Abby’s definition of immigration, and I’m confused. How on earth could you immigrate home?” LOL! This is the scene that I rewound a couple times because it was just too funny. Holly’s quote combined with her facial expressions just had me rolling on the floor. Only Paige, Nia, Chloe, Maddie, and Kendall participated in this group number. They placed first overall.

Dance mom Holly

Dance mom Holly

Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 4 – Recap – Liar Liar Dance Mom on Fire!

Group Number

This is just one of those episodes that you have to watch yourselves to be able to understand the humor! This was the funniest episode of ‘Dance Moms’ by far. And, I’m hoping to see more humor in upcoming episodes. This series is truly shaping up to be one of my favorite reality shows!


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