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Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 3 – Recap – But I’m A National Champion!

Episode 3 kicked off with the original dance moms—including Kelly—loitering in the parking lot of the Abby Lee Dance Company. They were debating on whether or not they should return to the dance studio. (The new team that Abby put together last week is kaput because she kicked out all but one dancer & dance mom in Sophia & Jackie). Abby allowed the original dancers & dance moms to return to the studio, but only if they agreed to sign a yearlong contract that would bind them to the studio… or else. Chloe, Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia, Kendall, Brooke, Paige, and new dancer Sophia now make up the Abby Lee dance team. Holly, Kelly, Melissa, and Jill welcomed new dance mom Jackie with open arms… but Christi gave Jackie a hard time. No surprise there. Christi’s the troublemaker of the group. (I think it has something to do with her being the youngest mom of the group, and she’s not yet reached the maturity level of the others. Who am I kidding? They’re all CRAY-CRAY!). I have to admit though: Christi’s lines are often hilarious! I’m going to ask you guys one thing: Do you think this is reflective of Christi’s true personality or is she just a good actress?

There was no pyramid this week. Chloe, Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia, Kendall, Brooke, and Paige are all on probation. Sophia isn’t. Abby only had two rows this week: the bottom row consisted of all the original dancers, and the top row consisted of only Sophia. (This is partly due to the fact that Sophia & Jackie haven’t given Abby any grief yet).

Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 3 – Recap – But I’m A National Champion!

Abby Lee Miller


This week’s competition took place in Youngstown, Ohio.

Sophia’s Solo: “Superstar” – Jazz Piece:

Abby believes Sophia is her best dancer, and Abby is correct in a sense. Technically, Sophia is the best of the group… but emotionally, she needs a bit of improvement. If she learns to show a little bit more emotion in her dance numbers, she’ll be a pro. Sophia currently holds the record for most turns—54, that is. Abby asked Sophia to show off those 54 turns in this particular number. Sophia is adorable though! All the dancers are. Sophia won first place.

Chloe’s Solo: “Another Girl” – Contemporary Piece:

Abby chose the song—“Another Girl”—for Chloe because she believes Chloe is always standing in the shadows of someone “better” than her. (Poor Chloe! Abby is a b*tch sometimes. But, I understand this is Abby’s way of making Chloe a better dancer). Chloe felt pressure whilst performing this number because Abby kept saying that Sophia is a better dancer. Chloe definitely showcased more emotion in her number, in comparison to Sophia’s. The judges recognized that. Although Chloe placed third overall, the judges rewarded her with an “Expressive Heart Award” for the best emotional performance.

Abby thinks Chloe needs to become more flexible, and she also thinks Chloe is lazy. I whole-heartedly disagree with this statement because I think Chloe is one of her hardest-working students.

Group Number: “Red Carpet Special”:

Abby removed Brooke from the group number, so Brooke had to stay at home in Pittsburgh, PA this week. Poor Brooke! Abby included a “red carpet” prop in this number because the choreography was about everybody wanting to take the girls’ pictures, and everybody wanting to have the girls’ autographs. (The dancers are quite famous, btw, since they’ve been on TV for three seasons now + counting). At the beginning of the piece, Mackenzie had difficulty rolling the red carpet out on stage. (The string that is used to un-roll the carpet kept getting stuck underneath; eventually, Mackenzie succeeded). The group won first place.

Even though they placed first, Abby spotted many mistakes in their performance overall.

Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 3 – Recap – But I’m A National Champion!

Mackenzie having difficulty pulling out the red carpet


Honestly though, I think the part about the dance moms quitting in Episode 2, and them returning in Episode 3 was scripted. I think the producers just wanted to create more drama to potentially increase the ratings. I’m a skeptical girl, mind you. 😛 Plus, if the mothers hadn’t “returned,” this show would FLOP. The new dance moms from Episode 2 just didn’t have good TV personalities.


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