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Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 2 – Recap – Out With the Old, In With the New

Abby Lee Miller replaced the original dancers and dance moms in Episode 2 of Dance Moms Season 3. She even called the police because they were “trespassing” on her parking lot (since she had kicked them out of her studio).

Do you think Abby made the right decision? Whose side are you on: Abby “The Maniac” or the dance moms aka “The CRAY CRAYz.”

Check out the recap for Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 2 – “Out With the Old, In With the New”:


Last week, Abby replaced dancers Brooke & Paige and dance mom Kelly. The other dance moms felt that there was a void in their group, so they decided to take a stand against Abby. They entered the studio, sat in the lobby, and decided to ignore Abby all together. The only people that spoke to Abby were new dancer Ally and her mother, Shelley. (We met them last week). Abby waited all day for her original dancers to show, but they never did. Abby finally went into the parking lot to confront the dance moms, but they still ignored her… mind you, it was already 9pm. So, Abby told them that everyone’s being replaced, and she called the police on them for “trespassing.” The police escorted them out of the parking lot…

The dance moms ignored Abby because they were trying to make a point of dance mom Kelly not being there, but their plan ultimately backfired.

Dance Moms – Season 3 Episode 2 – Recap – Out With the Old, In With the New

The dance moms ignoring Abby

I’m positive that this is all for show. The producers have got to find some way to increase the drama, right? :P I usually don’t like to see drama on other shows (i.e. The Biggest Loser Season 13 circa 2012), but somehow, the drama totally works for Dance Moms. And, I love it!!! This show is just about the cattiest thing I’ve ever watched, and I LOVE IT!

After the “trespassing” fiasco took place, dance mom Jill visited Cathy at Candy Apple’s Dance Center. Jill basically rehashed everything that had happened the night prior…. and then, Jill & Cathy had another argument. I’m guessing verbal aggression is second nature to the dance moms OR the moms are competing to become the most famous of the group. I am willing to bet that these dance moms are thinking the same thing: “IF I SHOUT THE LOUDEST, I’LL BECOME MORE FAMOUS BECAUSE I’LL GET MORE SCREEN TIME!” Haha, in all seriousness, I know these moms want what’s best for their children. (The camera crew just catches these dance moms at their breaking point).

Abby’s New Team:

This week’s competition took place in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The new team comprised of:

  • New dancer Ally, and her mother Shelley
  • New dancer Kaeli, and her mother Gloria
  • New dancer Bella, and her mother Marcia
  • New dancer Sophia, and her mother Jackie

Dancer Ally’s Solo Number – “Forever and a Day” – Lyrical Piece

I think she did a great job, but her technique isn’t very “fluid” yet. There’s room for improvement. She won second place.

Dancer Sophia’s Solo Number – “My New Reality” – Lyrical Piece

Wow, she really is “the new Maddie.” She performed like a professional dancer. She won first place.

Group Number – “Cry” – Lyrical Piece

I thought they did an amazing job. I was surprised they placed second, not first. Second place isn’t good enough for Abby, so it looks like she will replace these new dancers and dance moms in the upcoming episode.

Abby’s Nemesis:

A dancer named Hadley competed in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition last year. Abby told Hadley that she looked like “roadkill” on stage, and Hadley’s mother Yvette wasn’t having any of that. Yvette called Abby to let her know that Hadley will be participating in the competition this weekend. Yvette, who is also a dance teacher, wanted to prove Abby wrong. Hadley’s dance group placed first in the competition, beating Abby’s dance crew by a narrow margin. Yvette obviously took this opportunity to rub it in Abby’s face.

Abby was extremely upset with her group placing second, because Yvette had beaten her.

The Original Dancers Perform at a Local Mall:

The original dance moms attempted to make a statement against Abby by having their kids perform at a local mall—Century III Mall in Pittsburgh, PA. They wanted to prove to Abby that their kids could fare well without her as a teacher. Chloe, Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia, Kendall, Brooke, and Paige did a great job on their own, but they didn’t meet their usual standards. (They choreographed this particular number all on their own). Dance mom Holly realized that the kids really do need a dance teacher, and that they need to be disciplined.

These kids and moms must really be famous in Pittsburgh because the audience was going crazy for them.

The preview for the upcoming episode shows the orginal dance moms returning to Abby’s studio. It seems like they would like to return to the studio… Will Abby take them back?


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That WHOLE EPISODE WAS SCRIPTED!!!!! 1st Jill HAPPENS to be in Cathy's NEIGHBORHOOD???? Jill's daughter was NEVER ENROLLED IN CANDY APPLES!!!! She continued to compete, yes, but under ALM. Even in that NJ episode when she danced with candy apples (guess she did practice a bit with them) because her solo was LISTED under Abby. and other 'WINS' were listed under ABBY . Besides who in their RIGHT MIND (okay, it could be an argument with Jill) would drive over 4 hours round trip a day, 3,4 times a week for DANCE LESSONS (esp. when your OTHER DAUGHTER was still with ABBY????

Next, I haven't found the over girls, but SOPHIA -Sophia Lucas is from San Diego, not New Orleans, like Abby said she was flying in from, and she is a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (age 9) , is famous, and holds the world record for pirouettes . Many outside of the fans of the show do say she is a lot better then Maddy. Her FB site said 'she is making guest appearances on this season's Dance Moms' APPEARANCES!!!! Scripted scripted scripted.

I would not be surprised those 'OPEN AUDITIONS' Abby had were really her own dancers being filmed, though I have heard that before previous seasons, there were open calls/auditions for the cast-auditioning the girls with their mothers TOGETHER! So, not only did they need girls who could dance, they needed a certain MOTHER FIT. Mainly,, besides the LOGICAL HOLLY TYPE, the NUTS! 


if anyone has info on the other girls, mainly last names, I would like to see if the other 3 are students prior to these episodes, students of Abby's or dancers with SAG cards.