Dan Stevens in negotiations to star in film version of ‘Swallows and Amazons’

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Credit: Getty Images

The reverberations of Matthew Crawley’s loss are still being felt among Downton Abbey fans, but star Dan Stevens is already on to (hopefully) brighter pastures.

Stevens is reportedly in talks to star in the latest film adaptation of Swallows and Amazons, based on Arthur Ransome’s children’s novel, which had a previous film adaptation released in 1974. The film comes from producer Nick Barton, and centers on a group of six children — the four Walkers kids, John, Susan, Titty, and Roger, and the two Blacketts, Nancy and Peggy — who spend a summer united against a common foe: the Blacketts’ sinister uncle James Turner. Turner is a reclusive writer whom the kids name ‘Captain Flint’, after the infamous pirate from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, because I suppose this is what kids did back in 1930 (when the book was first published).

Stevens is in negotiations to play Turner. The villain role is a bit of a departure for the Downton star, but hey, so is taking a part in an adaptation of a children’s book that, between the title and the name of at least one of the characters, is sure to have today’s kids snickering. I guess the 1930s were just a different, more innocent time. Unfortunately, it’s a time in which Matthew Crawley is still in the ground.

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