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Curtis Finch Jr – Superstar – American Idol 12 Top 40 – Sudden Death

Curtis Finch Jr sang “Superstar” on American Idol 12 Top 40 Las Vegas Show #2.

Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:

Rickey Rating

The affected singing of Curtis Finch Jr. is now the standard for all black male singers on American Idol. It started with Jacob Lusk then Joshua Ledet.

I don’t know how I feel about this. It was fun for a while but then now I’m longing for my R&B dudes. I know they are out there, not just on Idol.

American Idol Judges

Nicki Minaj: You take the competition to another level.

Keith Urban: Preach on brother Curtis!

Mariah Carey: You know what you do. It moved me to tears. (There are no tears though!)

Randy Jackson: Your voice is unparalleled.

Curtis Finch Jr  Superstar  American Idol 12 Top 40  Sudden Death

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Curtis Finch Jr – Superstar – Video

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i agree ruben did it better,, this guy has a good voice but he's so unlikeable to me..


Awful.  Sam Cooke, who took the fake out of gospel singing before crossing over, is rolling over in his grave.   All the runs just hide that he can't hit the notes and hold them.  No one could sing along with him.  He destroys melody.   


I was in CHURCH watching him.  Nothing wrong with that.  But, when he started singing I was like, gospel time! :)  Praise the Lord, indeed, he's got a beautiful voice, but I'd rather listen to JDA, or Charlie.  And I don't think Jolly knows who he wants to be, he sings all over the map so he comes off as undefined.


I agree with your comments Rickey. When are we going to get the return of the modern, commercially-viable male. Like Curtis, and liked the BMD's before him, but still.