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Curtis Finch Jr – I Believe I Can Fly – American Idol 12 Top 20

Curtis Finch Jr sang “I Believe I Can Fly” on American Idol 12 Top 20.


Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:

Rickey Rating

OMG his facial expressions! LOL

Also, this song is overdone. I am no longer impressed by anyone singing it. You have to be really, really good.

The affected singing is just LOL to be honest. I am not a fan of this self-absorbed performance. It’s actually a huge turn off.

American Idol Judges

Nicki Minaj: The bar. Every time.

Keith Urban: We just had a sermon in Vegas.

Mariah Carey: I wait for your performance.

Randy Jackson:

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Curtis Finch Jr – I Believe I Can Fly – Video

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