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“Crazy Hearts: Nashville” Reality Show Cancelled

Crazy Hearts Nashville Reality Show Cancelled

It was recently announced that new Music City reality show Crazy Hearts: Nashville was cancelled after less than two months on the air.

Debuting on A&E on January 15th, it promised to “go backstage into the lives and lyrics of several up-and-coming musicians as they try to hit it big, fall in love and live to sing about it.” Touted as a kind of real-life tangent of ABC’s hit drama Nashville, it starred Anthony Billups, Lee Holyfield, Leroy Powell, Jimmy Stanley and Amy Wilcox, along with artist manager April Nemeth and journalist and media professional Heather Byrd.

But it seemed that it just wasn’t as dramatic as they had hoped, as lack of ratings pushed the show from a 10pm time slot to Saturday afternoons, before being taken off the air after just 8 episodes. “I’m really proud of it,” Byrd tells Nashville’s Tennessean. “We would all love to have some more glory with it, but I think we’re realistic, as well. None of us went into this project thinking that we were going to start raking in the dough on any level, but we were all super excited about it, and we’ve already had some great opportunities come from being a part of it.”

Also not receiving a great reception is new Real Housewives-esque reality show Private Lives of Nashville Wives, following six wives of prominent men in the Nashville music industry (although the prominence of said men has been challenged by some). Although its first episode drew 928,000 viewers nationally, that’s still less than half the weekly audience of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and in the Nashville area it dropped from a 2.3 rating to a dismal 0.2 in its second week. Most are assuming that this will also soon reach the fate of Crazy Hearts.

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