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Couple Busted for Sex in McDonald’s Bathroom – Video

Here’s a video of a McDonald’s manager berating a couple who were having sex in a McDonald’s bathroom somewhere in New York.

OMG! This is kinda-NSFW for language and man-boobs! The couple was in the bathroom for an hour! The guy exited the bathroom without his shoes on. Nasty!

Watch the video here:


“That is nasty! That is disgusting! Get out of my store! If go in that bathroom and that bathroom smells like pussy, I’m calling the cops and you’re both getting locked up for indecent exposure!”

[sublimevideo class=”sublime” poster=”” src1=”http://googlx.com/eleven/mcdonaldssex.mp4″ width=”620″ height=”345″]

Couple Busted for Sex in McDonald s Bathroom  Video

Via Gothamist

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