Connie Britton Wants to Come Back to ‘American Horror Story’

Connie Britton American Horror Story Coven

Credit: FX

Much as Dylan McDermott wants to return for American Horror Story: Coven, so too does former co-star Connie Britton who hasn’t been on the mini-series since 2011.

When asked if she would be returning to the show in the near feature, the actress replied, “I hope so. I’ve actually been talking to them this season, because they’re down in New Orleans and I’m in Nashville. I said, ‘Okay, let’s see if we can try to figure this out.'”

Britton is busy filming the musical drama Nashville, but let’s make this work, people!

“I’m like, ‘I’ll put that on and jump on a plane and go to New Orleans.’ Yes, I would do that. As long as we can figure it out with both productions, I’m in. I hope it happens.”

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