Conan O’Brien staying at TBS through 2015

Credit: TBS

Credit: TBS

Lots of late-night news this month. Hot on the heels of word that current ‘Late Night’ host Jimmy Fallon could be inheriting The Tonight Show from Jay Leno in a year’s time comes confirmation that one-time ‘Late Night’ host Conan O’Brien will be remaining with TBS.

Though ‘Conan’ ultimately isn’t the hit TBS might have been expecting, the show still draws respectable ratings in its 11:00 PM time slot. Thus, it was a natural decision for the comedy-themed network to extend O’Brien’s contract through November 2015, from its original date through April 2014.

If nothing else, this keeps Andy Richter on TV for another two years. That’s something, right?

Via: Vulture

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