Comfort Fedoke added to So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars

Comfort Fedoke joins Twitch Boss, Kathry McCormick, Allison Holker and Ade Obayomi on the So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars for Season 7.

You know what that means: the return of the greatest meme ever! Comfort Fedoke!

From @dizzyfeet:

I am positive #kingofkrump Will be happy to know that Comfort: #@comfortIVREAL is a #SYTYCD All-Star. She’s a bucc hop hop dancer. Phabb!!

Ha ha. Don’t ask me what a Hop Hop dancer is. I make my own genres up. That should have been hip hop. Sorry.

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Now we can say Comfort Fedoke on a weekly basis again! \o/


Well I think they are going to take who they can get.. I'm sure it's hard to get their top picks on ... they are all very busy.

I like Comfort for her genre however as a partner, I don't know if she's strong enough, you know? Unless they are going to always dance hip hop with her? I don't know how it's going to go. Sorry for the ignorance.

All I know is.. if she is good enough for the show, then please bring back Nathan Trasoras!!!


Ehm, its just my opinion, but I think she's not good enough to join the all-star of SYTYCD. Is there anybody agree with it?