CNN Looking to Hire Jay Leno

CNN Looking to Hire Jay Leno

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Jay Leno hasn’t even re-retired from The Tonight Show, and he’s already in high demand. The late night talk show host been approached by a number of different suitors for a possible new show.

Leno, whose run on NBC’s The Tonight Show comes to an end in February, has been approached by CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker about a possible role on the network, although what role has not been specified. Zucker is Leno’s former boss, having run the network from 2000-2010. Of course, this isn’t exactly a mark in Zucker’s favor, as he was the person who first initiated Leno’s disastrous first departure from The Tonight Show in 2009, which led to a whole lot of awkwardness when Leno refused to go softly into that good night. However, Leno is reportedly open to at least hearing what Zucker has to say, as the two recently visited briefly at NBC in Burbank.

CNN is among approximately 10 other groups vying for Leno, including Tribune, American Idol producer Core Media Group and former NBC chief Jeff Gaspin. Even current NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt wants Leno, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “Nothing would make me happier than to find ways to keep him involved with this network. That’s really up to him.”

But Leno and his attorney, Ken Ziffren, are reportedly refusing to field offers until the host fulfills his commitments as Tonight Show host on Feb. 6.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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