Ciara – Got Me Good – Official Music Video

After a premiere campaign which saw it air on the big screens in Times Square tonight, the video for Ciara‘s new single “Got Me Good” has been released.

Watch here to see if Ci delivers:

I’m still not quite that sold on the song, but it is definitely much better in full context. The song has a zany xylophone backing like she and Missy Elliot’s hit “Lose Control” and her vocals and delivery in the chorus are good. Some parts are still eh.

“Overdose” would have been  much better and I’m still hoping it gets treatment. However, “Got Me Good” is a respectable effort. What the song doesn’t do is made up for the choreography and Ciara’s dancing. Their is no female nor male act that can touch her dancing skills right now – case closed.

All in all, she delivered and I can only hope it gets the success it deserves.

But Epic has missed the ball as the song won’t be released until November 5th. Good luck, Ciara! We are definitely rooting for you. Doubters – just replay the video and watch her footwork.

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