Christina Ricci is ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’ for NBC

Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

In what could either be a savvy bit of career management, or the worst decision since starring in ‘Bucky Larson: Born to Be A Star’, Christina Ricci has signed on to star in NBC’s upcoming comedy pilot, ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’.

Ricci, most recently of “Pan Am” and a guest role on “The Good Wife,” will star as Karen, a woman who awakens from a coma to discover that she has a 17-year-old daughter from a pregnancy she wasn’t even aware of at the time she fell into the coma.

Given NBC’s recent troubles with ‘Smash’ and ‘Up All Night’ (hell, let’s just call a spade a spade: their entire network is only kept afloat by football and The Voice), this seems like a series given the greenlight simply by virtue of its premise. Granted, that’s not a terrible reason to greenlight a series, and Ricci is the kind of talent that can make the most out of just about any role. The network is in desperate need of a hit now that 30 Rock is done and The Office is on the way out, so who knows? Maybe its next big hit (following the DVR-assisted success of Revolution this past fall) will be a show that shares a name with a song by The Smiths.

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