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Cher Lloyd – Love The Way You Lie – The X Factor – Live Semi-Final

Cher Lloyd Love the way you lie 01-2010-12-04.jpg

Cher Lloyd sings/raps Love The Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna on The X Factor Live Semi-Final

Fierce! OMG – I am amazed at her song choices tonight. Amazing! Star!

Louis Walsh: Love your song choice. I love everything about it.
Dannii Minogue: It was a tricky song choice.
Cheryl Cole: It’s about showing what kind of artist you are going to be.
Simon Cowell: It was a risk, but for me it worked.

Watch the video here:

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i actually like this performance.. i tink is one of her best.... given that the rappin wasnt nearly as good as she showed b4 but the Rhianna parts were quite good (it was btr thn when Rhianna performed live)

*hides from flying objects*


She is quite possibly the most pimped contestant that has ever been on one of these shows, its nauseating.


That was almost painful. Her vocals just cry out for Autotune.