Charlie Sheen Wants Ashton Kutcher to Stop Ruining ‘Two and a Half Men’

Charlie Sheen Says Ashton Kutcher Ruining Two and a Half Men

Credit: CBS

Seems Charlie Sheen is punking the creator of Punk’d with some commentary about how he feels Ashton Kutcher is doing on Two and a Half Men.

He started things off in his usual weirdo poetry-prose on Twitter, asking former co-star Jon Cryer what was up with his sidekick on the sitcom:

Apparently some Kutcher fans took offense to such commentary in such a public setting because yesterday (Jan. 6) Sheen came back with:

Sheen also apologized to Kutcher for his behavior, but not really because he also told him he was ruining the cable program:

Ouch. There is not enough aloe for that burn.

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