Charlie Sheen offers Angus T. Jones spot on ‘Anger Management’

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Angus T. Jones, Charlie Sheen’s former on-screen nephew on ‘Two and a Half Men’, has had his share of troubles after speaking out against the show that made him TV’s highest-paid child actor. And now Sheen, who knows a thing or two about dissing ‘Two and a Half Men’, has offered a hand to Jones, who plans to let his contract expire at the end of this season.

“My former nephew is welcome at the Goodson Anger Management home anytime,” Sheen told ABC News, offering Jones a role on his moderately-successful FX series “Anger Management.”

Jones hasn’t responded to the deal, although his commitment to the Forerunner, a man by the name of Christopher Hudson, whom Jones credits with helping him find religion. Hudson, whose YouTube videos detail the methods by which the occult contaminates society (through both government and the entertainment industry), is the head of the Forerunner Christian Church, for which Jones spoke out against ‘Two and a Half Men’ in the divisive video released Monday. Though it might behoove Jones to keep his career going, in spite of this outburst, it seems as though his disenchantment with the entertainment industry will likely lead to him retiring quietly, or at least taking a bit of a break. Maybe that would be best, since we hardly need another child star acting a damn fool in public. (Can’t they all be like Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Can’t we all?)

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