Chad Ochocinco Sex Tape Leaks – Video

The sex tape of Chad Ochocinco (Chad Johnson) has leaked on the Internet.

WorldStarHipHop has all the details with video. Apparently, Chad was doing it in front of a full audience.

The private parts are blurred so this is worksafe (sorry no peen), but the sex tape is real!

And I know some of you are going to spend the entire day looking for the unedited version. LOL.

Chad Ochocinco Sex Tape Leaks  Video

From WorldStarHipHop:

Viewer dropped these old photos in our inbox. Allegedly Chad Ocho Cinco giving ol’ girl the business. The photo is really a video that was taken as a screen-shot during Chad’s alleged sexcapades with a full audience in the background. In the photo you can see what appears to be Chad hitting it from the back, and another photo of the stripper riding Chad until the wheels fall off. While everyone in the background was getting an eye-full, one woman wanted to treasure the moment forever and record it. You can see her doing so in the mirrors reflection.

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