Cee Lo Green to Star in TBS Reality Show

Cee Lo Green to Star in TNT Reality Show

According to EWThe Voice coach Cee Lo Green is set to star in his own reality series documenting the busy career of the music man. Big Gupp and Khujoand T-Mo, Cee Lo’s longtime creative partners and best friends, are set to co-star.

Cee Lo Green certainly is a character, and maybe more importantly, he tends to attract interesting people. He’s friends with Miss Piggy, Purrfect the Cat, Ladybird, Christina Aguilera, etc. Not to mention that he’s got a certain sense of style that’s all his own. Plus, we might even get a little glimpse of Cee Lo’s Voice protege Juliet Simms as she works on her debut album.

The Cee Lo Life will premiere sometime in 2014 and is slated for a six episode run. Will you be tuning in?

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