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Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton – Christmas Album Showdown

The Voice judges Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton will be battling it out on the charts in a Christmas Album Showdown this season.

Cee Lo is going for a quirky, fresh take on Christmas classics, while Blake is aiming at middle America with his “family friendly” fare, which will include duets with Michael Buble and Mama Shelton.  Blake is confident that his album will rule the Yule Tide charts, or at least come closer to it than his fellow judge.

I think Blake is probably right that his Christmas release will chart better, given that a family friendly Christmas offering should appeal to his country fan base, but I’m much more interested to see what Cee Lo can bring to the game.  Something new and fresh, that doesn’t completely suck, is a rare find in the genre of Christmas music.  If Cee Lo can pull it off, he might give Mr. Shelton a run for his money.


From WENN:

CEE LO GREEN will be joining his THE VOICE co-judge BLAKE SHELTON in the Christmas charts this year (12) after announcing he has been working on a festive album.  The Forget You singer insists he had no idea his friend was working on a seasonal project until he was wrapping up his own musical gift to fans.  Shelton’s holiday album will feature duets with his mother and Michael Buble, while Green’s project will feature a quirky new rendition of You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch!
The country star wishes his pal well but Shelton’s confident he’ll get closer to number one with his family-friendly album: “Santa loves me a hell of a lot more than he loves Cee Lo… Actually, Cee Lo has a guy on his team that looks a hell of a lot like Santa this year, now that you mention it. I may be totally out of place saying all that.” 

Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton - Christmas Album Showdown



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