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Cate Laughlan – The Biggest Loser – Season 14 – Conference Call

I participated in a conference call with Cate Laughlan–the third eliminated contestant of The Biggest Loser Season 14. She currently weighs 183 pounds. Congratulations Cate!

Here’s a rundown of the interview:




Cate Laughlan - The Biggest Loser - Season 14 - Conference Call

On gaining confidence: Dolvett was able to bring that confidence out of her, and she felt she was worth it. She evolved from a meek & mild individual to a strong & confident person.

On how she became overweight: She was eating out all the time during college, and gained weight shortly after she got her first job.

On “Fat Tuesday” vs. “Fit Tuesday”: Prior to coming on the Ranch, she would work out with a personal trainer on Tuesdays, but would eat hamburgers directly after those said workouts. Today, she takes apples and protein shakes to the gym on Tuesdays.

On her expectations of The Ranch: She thought there would be filming breaks, but that was a huge misconception of hers. Even when the directors took a break from filming, the contestants still exercised. They didn’t get “exercise breaks.”

On reaching “One-derland”: When she saw the scale go below 200, it was a dream come true for her.

On why the Red Team didn’t lose a ton of weight in Episode 3: She mentioned that it was bound to happen because the Red Team performed really well the first two weeks, but the low weight loss numbers are definitely not a reflection of the work they put in.

On voting off someone with her eyes closed: She couldn’t pick one of her teammates to eliminate, so she covered her eyes with her hand, and chose a random picture on the screen. When she found out that she had unintentionally chosen Jackson, she was sad… but she would’ve been sad if she had chosen Lisa or Francelina as well.

On the hardest part of weight loss: She stated that it’s easy to fill 2,000 calories with junk food, but it is NOT easy to fill 1,100 calories with good food. She currently sticks to bright, colorful veggies, lean proteins (i.e. chicken, fish), and occasionally lean red meat. She’s still not a fan of spinach and egg whites, by the way.

Cate currently weighs 183 pounds, and is training for her first half-marathon. Congratulations Cate, on all of your achievements so far!


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