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Catapult – Audition – America’s Got Talent 8

Dance group Catapult auditions for America’s Got Talent 8 in New York. This was amazing!

This was like a mix of all the “light and shadow” dance acts we’ve seen on AGT through the years. I think they are actually the most polished! I see a bright future for them on the show.

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Amanda 1
Amanda 1

I really enjoyed this, neat story being told.

Klope62 moderator

Ugh. So everlastingly annoying and I hope they don't make it far.

I know it is very judgmental, but I don't believe the sob story one bit, and the owner just seemed to be doing nothing other than acting. I just don't like the feeling I got him from and I'll stand by it.

Moreso, I hate, hate when groups come on the show and pretend like their acts are original, new, or cutting edge, when they are clearly been DIRECTLY influence.

Just blah.