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Casey Abrams is #1 – Ranking the American Idol 10 Top 11

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Casey Abrams is the most popular contestant on this week on the strength of his controversial Nirvana performance. He jumps up to #2 for the season average.

Pia Toscano is still the favorite to win American Idol for a third week in a row landing at #2 this week, and with a #1 season average.

Stefano Langone is #3 this week (Yay!) and is tied at #6 for the season with Jacob Lusk.

Jacob Lusk is #4 this week (OMG).

James Durbin falls one place to #5 this week and is #5 for the season.

Paul McDonald falls one place to #6 this week and drops one spot to #3 for the season.

Scotty McCreery falls 6 spots to #7 (from #1) this week and is #4 for the season. What happened???

The rest of the five girls were at the bottom and Karen Rodriguez had the least views this week and was voted off at #12.

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Important Notes

As discussed last week I am now using Unique Views from the US only to determine the rankings. This means each unique visitor session coming from a US location. If you visit a page multiple times, this is still counted as one session.

I’ve also added the Total Unique Views (US plus everywhere else) for comparison and the corresponding rank if we used those numbers. As you can see, the discrepancy with Thia Megia’s numbers are quite obvious. 56% of the unique views for Thia come outside of the US and it’s even larger with the non-uniques. Are these extra 3143 fans actually voting? Who knows. Also, for the purpose of analysis, I used the raw numbers for the first week of the rankings which landed Thia at #3 boosting her season average. She’s probably not at #8 for the season, but I don’t want to go back through the numbers anymore.

Once Thia Megia is eliminated from the competition, I’m going to stop using this method because it is seriously a pain in the neck.

I’ve also added a chart to see the difference in numbers. Some of you wanted this.

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Top 11 Ranking

[table id=1 /]


[easychart type=”horizbar” title=”US vs World” groupnames=”US Unique Views,Total Unique Views” groupcolors=”005599,229944″ valuenames=”Casey Abrams,Pia Toscano,Stefano Langone,Jacob Lusk,James Durbin,Paul McDonald,Scotty McCreery,Lauren Alaina,Thia Megia,Haley Reinhart,Naima Adedapo,Karen Rodriguez” group1values=”3713,3171,3085,3054,2789,2707,2700,2691,2318,2219,1870,1779″ group2values=”6164,5729,5508,5225,4748,4363,4790,4669,5461,3548,3418,3367″ ]

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