The Carrie Diaries – Recap: Dorrit Bradshaw, Material Girl

With one episode left prior to next week’s finale, The Carrie Diaries built up some serious drama leading into the season’s close. There is “A First Time For Everything.” Dorrit (Stefania Owen), for example, wore a sweater. She is a material girl after all, folks! Nah, she’s just plotting a rebellious undertaking with the intention of rocking mid-80’s pop culture to the core. After a mere “forty-seven years,” Carrie Bradshaw (Annasophia Robb) decided it was just about time to lose her virginity. “Like a virgin,” only actually. Madonna was there in spirit this week, as you can tell.

The episode opened with Carrie Bradshaw and Sebastian Kydd (Austin Butler) going head to head in Trivial Pursuit. Carrie, in an attempt to impress her beau, opted to take on a “nature” themed question as opposed to the more obvious pink category. By the way, the “entertainment” themed questions in that game are often embarrassingly difficult, so if Carrie truly does know the answers to all of them at her age, I’m impressed. She should become a writer or something.

Kydd: “I love you, Carrie Bradshaw.”

Carrie, completely caught off guard and usually more so in control, blurted out her desire for sex stuff to go down instead of returning the sentiment. He’ll take it for now! The Kydd is patient.

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

Freema Agyeman is obviously a very pretty actress. That will never change, but I’m not sure Larissa has ever looked better than she did this week. Madonna had started to peak, and Interview was responsible for covering the launch of her tour. The tour was to kick off in Seattle, but ZzZ… Larissa knew the greatest launch moment would be Madonna’s Manhattan bash. It’s always a good idea to have Carrie on hand at these events because, clearly, the higher-ups at the magazine often find themselves in drug-induced pickles. They can always use their curly little house elf to pick up the slack when they, say, become a bird on an acid trip. Bonus: Carrie would get a plus one. A romantic night in New York City was exactly what she was hoping for following Sebastian’s revelation.

Mouse (Ellen Wong) did her best to advise Carrie after her slightly mortifying slipup with Sebastian. It’s okay, Bradshaw. Trivial Pursuit will fry your brain. Mouse had her own dating woes to deal with. West (RJ Brown) had become relentless in his flirtations, leading Mouse to wonder whether his intentions were true or purely self-beneficial. We know Mouse, though. Either answer would drive her insane. Having discovered West’s weakness, his lack of extracurricular activities, Mouse decided to run for president of about, say, a dozen school clubs, much to Carrie’s utter disgust. Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t have time for petty high school clubs or college apps when she’s busy conquering Manhattan internship by internship. In all honesty, by her forties she does a pretty damn good job of running the New York social scene, right?

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

Dorrit continued her budding relationship with Miller this week. All in all, the record store cashier has turned out to be a good influence on the littlest Bradshaw. I appreciated his commentary on the greatest rebels being the ones we never see coming. Plus, he knows all the right literature to spark Dorrit’s change from put-on non-conformist punk to silent defender of teen angst and self-expression. Hey, it didn’t hurt that she got to throw on some girly clothes and change her makeup for a guy she liked in the process. Carrie found herself concerned with Dorrit’s sudden change in style, recognizing the telltale signs of puppy love. Carrie is correct; changing yourself for the affection of another is a bad call, in most cases. The catch is that Dorrit is young and recovering from her mother’s death. All youths go through identity crises, but hers has to be on overdrive. Any answer to her choices will be both right and wrong, all at the same time.

Carrie and Sebastian planned to spend the perfect evening in New York, taking the train in rather than using Sebastian’s car. The two planned on spending the night in a hotel. Carrie continued her search for the perfect opportunity to offer her own profession of love, only to continuously be shot down. Carrie’s plan for the perfect night hit speed bumps right from the get-go.

Anybody who’s anybody gets into the VIP area. Unfortunately, Larissa forgot to land Sebastian a spot on the list, leaving Carrie to finagle a way for her date to join her in Madonna’s breathing space. After failing to find Larissa, who has the ability to snap her fingers and make a swanky club appear out of thin air, Bennet (Jake Robinson) suggested coercing someone with big wrists to lend her their VIP bracelet for Sebastian to use. Poor Bennet, like myself, is cursed with tiny wrists. Watches suck anyway. Carrie managed to talk up the correct burly VIP guest, the boyfriend of the bouncer working the door. He’s a sucker for a romance fueled by Madonna and liquor. Speaking of liquor, I love how Sebastian Kydd is a high school boy with a taste for scotch. What a gent!

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

Carrie found herself continuously distracted, and her intricately planned night of love and sexcapades was falling apart from the moment of their arrival. After wasting half the night trying to weasel Sebastian into the VIP area, Carrie ended up getting the opportunity to talk to the lyricist behind “Like a Virgin.” If she could get a quote, she would have herself a byline in the magazine. Sebastian kept falling back to being her second priority, as her personal career agenda kept taking precedent. The quote was good, though! New love, it’s just like the first time. The writer sent her off with, “Go get touched like it’s the first time.” At this point, we sort of became privy to the truth that no touching would not be happening. Sebastian had reached his boiling point, and the Kydd has a long fuse.

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

Meanwhile, Tom (Matt Letscher) continued his fling with Deb (Nadia Dajani) this week. You remember Deb as the obnoxious gum chewer who managed to charm Tom into a public car hookup, much to Sebastian’s horror. They actually took things into legitimate dating territory this week. Tom, still completely unconfident in his post-wife dating abilities found himself to be an easy target for both Deb and Harland (Scott Cohen), who offered his sage sex advice. Harland is just like Tom’s Yoda! Things took a turn for the awkward, after Tom and Deb sealed the deal in her bedroom. Deb had neglected to inform Tom that her young son was at home, and he ran into a very naked Tom leaving the bathroom. The boy kept his cool, what with Tom being in the buff and all, leading Tom to insinuate that Deb did this sort of thing a little too often. Deb, offended at his accusations towards her as a single mom, kicked Mr. Bradshaw to the curb. Don’t worry; things were patched up the next day at the diner. Those who are dating fight. By the way, I know that’s you Nina Katz a.k.a. the Sex and the City “face girl.” I know who you grow up to be!

Mouse’s ploy to overcome West ended up backfiring, depending on how you interpret things. She attempted to organize a meeting for the USA for Africa charity organization, but as Donna LaDonna (Chloe Bridges) put it, frankly:

Donna: “No video and we get to box candy bars? Awesome. Psych!”

The only group member left was West, who was probably willing to kill two birds with one stone; sharpen up his extracurriculars and woo Mouse. Boxing chocolates took a backseat to some sexy time in the classroom, leaving Mouse reeling from her seemingly poor judgment. The last time she let a guy get to her, she lost her top spot to West. Still, chemistry built in the Astronomy Club over gazing at that romantic constellation known as the Crab Nebula. I mean, with a name like that… In the end, West did Mouse a favor and alerted the school to all of their hard work as a charitable duo. Even Mouse, much to her dismay, was forced to admit that in this scenario, the guy helped out. He earned himself a first date.

Chloe Bridges Lips "Carrie Diaries"

I appreciate how this show is using Donna. It would have been incredibly easy to simply use her as a perpetual high school villainess, but they continually write her as multi-faceted. Donna is very much like Samantha Jones, as we learned during her impromptu diner chat with Dorrit. She sees sex as power, so she doesn’t mind changing her ways to fit the guy she’s with. Then again, Donna’s a vixen, whereas the Bradshaw’s are not. Also, in Donna’s case, we know there is no way she’d ever let a guy actually manipulate who she is at her core. Still, Donna found herself impressed with Dorrit’s quite sexual reading choice, The Tropic of Cancer. In the end, Dorrit attempted to put the moves on Miller, who was quite good at reading the situation. Dorrit is not ready for that, and he knows it, considering the year she’s had. He was also impressed by her unapologetic love for Cabbage Patch Kids.

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

Things are not looking good for Kyddshaw. Outside of the event, Carrie couldn’t shut up about her impeccable night filled with career advancements, so much so that she neglected to realize that Sebastian was entirely over it. He realized that Carrie couldn’t express her feelings because of her need to create moments rather than to let them naturally occur. Sebastian might not be as gushing of a romantic as Carrie Bradshaw, but he felt love, and he shouted it out loud. She needed to schedule a night for it. Although, in her defense, losing her virginity is clearly a big deal. That part probably should have been adequately planned. Leaving Sebastian to booze by his lonesome just completely trumped that. Carrie, desperate to control the situation, was the first to blurt out the word “breakup.” Sebastian, infuriated, followed suit.

Back in Connecticut, Mouse did her best to console a devastated Carrie. Carrie attempted to close the night by writing in her diary, only to find that she was left with nothing but a blank page. Man, watching Annasophia Robb cry was hard! As the weeks pass by, she’s really starting to fill Sarah Jessica Parker’s Manolos nicely.


What did you think of the penultimate episode of The Carrie Diaries, Episode 12, “A First Time For Everything”? Are you hoping for a second season? Will Carrie and Kydd kiss and make up? What will come of Mouse and Dorrit’s relationships? Are you excited for next week’s finale?

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