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Carly Rose Sonenclar – Over The Rainbow – The X Factor

Carly Rose Sonenclar sang “Over The Rainbow” on The X Factor Top 10. Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here.

To vote for Carly Rose Sonenclar: 1-855-THE-XF-10

She thanked her brother. He’s a cutie!!!

Carly Rose Sonenclar  Over The Rainbow  The X Factor


Britney Spears: You’re unreal, it’s amazing.

Demi Lovato: I need a school ID, I can’t believe you are 13.

L.A. Reid: You are a force of nature.

Simon Cowell: That was one of the best versions I’ve ever heard of that song. (LOL)



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This girl is so out of this world great, she brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps to my arms.  If she doesn't take this competition I will be completely surprised.  Just WOW!


It baffles me that Tate is even mentioned in the same breath as Carly Rose.She is amazing while he is regular. I honestly don’t get it.

 They sent home David Corey so if this gir doesn't win I won't be a bit surprised... just another bad decision. 


Overall she is the most consistent singer, very few bum notes the entire season.  Occasionally a little too precious, she needs to let go and let her personality through more. She's working very hard to be professional and I don't think it's helping her connect with the audience.


The winner? something tells me Brit's has the winner and its this gal...