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Carlos Guevara – Gravity – The X Factor – Video

Carlos Guevara - Gravity - The X Factor

Carlos Guevara – Gravity – The X Factor

Carlos Guevara auditions with “Gravity” on The X Factor season 3.

Wow! Love him. What a cutie pie. He doesn’t let Tourette Syndrome get him down.


Simon Cowell: You’ve got a great voice.

Demi Lovato: You have a beautiful voice. You are so talented.

Kelly Rowland: It was just so magical. I’m so grateful I’m here to witness this.

Paulina Rubio: I feel really proud of you.

4 Yes’s!

Watch the video:

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It is so fun seeing the smile that Simon gets on his face when he  likes a group or individual. And even more fun seeing the reaction to the unseasoned performers as they get that first round of applause!


He is such an inspiration.

What an amazing voice. I am rooting for him, so inspiring to see him continue to pursue  his dreams in spite of a disability.

Most likely he won´t win, but I still hope he does well. What a great person and super talented!

Klope62 moderator

I'm still waiting to be blown away by someone ...anyone. :(


@Klope62 Me too!  Everyone has been just ok.  Ok I kind of like the girlfriend/boyfriend duo but that's about it for now.