Candice Glover Tweets Official Album Release Date

Candice Glover - Music Speaks - Album Cover Art

Candice Glover – Music Speaks – Album Cover Art

Though the most recent American Idol winner was supposedly expected to release her album mid-summer, reports recently began revealing that this was no longer the case. Following said reports, Candice Glover took to her personal Twitter account on Monday to reveal the truth behind said delay.

As Candice Tweeted:

For most artists, this might seem like an excuse to cover up bumps in the road of recording. Candice Glover, though, has always relied on her keen sense of musicality and pride in her artistry as a singer. The fact that she would not rush the process of creating her debut album, Music Speaks, makes sense. Following the above statements, Glover sent out the official release date of her debut album.

So there you have it, Idol fans! Candice Glover’s debut album Music Speaks is slated to hit stores October 8th, 2013!

You can check out Candice Glover’s debut single, “I Am Beautiful,” below:

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Ariel Flores Ball-Aldana
Ariel Flores Ball-Aldana

Single didn't do well I feel the album won't do as well either!! Sad cause Candace deserves better but this Idol ship is sinking and with all the delays and lack thereof promotion, Candace doesn't stand a chance!!! I have yet to hear her single on radio even on satellite radio....

Rickey moderator

So disappointing. All those press releases announcing an immediate release date shortly after the season finale, then the delay (which supposedly delayed the summer tour) and now this. I feel duped. Duped!

JoeTranch moderator

@Rickey I just realized that this is actually dropping later than Scotty's debut now. I tried to be nice to Candice above, but the folks running Idol right now are lost. It's like allowing the students to run lunch detention with no supervision.


@JoeTranch @Rickey It's just a few days after Scotty.  P2's release was in November.  It's normal.  I'm glad it's pushed.  7/16 date was ridiculously rushed.  It would have been a a more generic album.  Summer releases don't benefit the fall peak sales.  

"I Am Beautiful" had no traction.  Now maybe a 2nd single will stick better and therefore more beneficial for album sales.