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Can ‘American Idol’ Be Saved?

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Can ‘American Idol’ be saved? Yes it can! I believe!

This was a really good article I have to say — great read. Also, in the graphic above, notice that the drops from Season 6 to 7 and Season 7 to 8 were much steeper than from Season 8 to 9. Says a lot in my opinion.

From Billboard:

During the May 19 results show, Seacrest announced that the top three contestants had received a total of 47 million votes, down from 88 million at the same point last season. Websites that cover “Idol” — from its official Internet presence at to vote forecaster Dial Idol and blogs like Vote for the Worst, and — have seen their cumulative unique visits per month drop 45% since 2007, according to comScore.

(Note: This is not true for — we are down only 6.48% from 2009, up 5.72% from 2008, and up 65.78% from 2007. I think and VFTW took the biggest hit, because as far as I know, you guys are very loyal!)

“We thought we would kill ‘Idol,’ but it’s killing itself,” says Dave Della Terza, creator of Vote for the Worst. Della Terza says he’s thinking of shuttering the website because covering “Idol” has become “a chore” and, ironically, he says the contestants are too bad. “You need to have great contestants on the show in order for us to work, so that people get angry when their favorites are voted off first,” he says. Vote for the Worst has seen its traffic drop from 248,000 unique visitors in April 2009 to 135,000 last month, according to comScore.

Rickey Yaneza of, however, counters that the Tim Urbans, Andrew Garcias and Lacey Browns of this year are hardly different from the Ace Youngs, Megan Joys and Kevin Covaises of seasons past. “There are haters every year,” he says, “but I’ve had people say that they love the singers on the show. They like the idea that so many people are playing the guitar.”

Source Billboard

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