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Burnell Taylor – This Time – American Idol 12 Top 40 – Sudden Death

Burnell Taylor sang “This Time” on American Idol 12 Top 40 Las Vegas Show #4.

Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:

Rickey Rating

Oh wow, he lost so much weight! He looks great! He cleaned up really nice. Good job Burnell!

American Idol Judges

Nicki Minaj: The best by far tonight!

Keith Urban:

Mariah Carey:

Randy Jackson:

Burnell Taylor  This Time  American Idol 12 Top 40  Sudden Death

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Burnell Taylor – This Time – Video

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Does your response identify you? "Blue Guy/Gal". With slurs of ethnicity under tones? Burnell Taylor, whether he is wearing glasses or not, Black or Blue, truly sung this song. Please make a YouTube video of yourself singing, prior to throwing harsh stone words out in the world.

Thank you


This child’s voice was/is amazing, absolutely tremendously superb performance. I am not a Legend fan, but I just listen to John sing this, and I must truly say that Burrell just embroidered himself and this song to greater heights. Someone, please listen to this child’s raw talented gift and Help him, promote him. Don’t let this one get away.


It was excellent.  The judges were actually right.  


The more I listen to this, the better it sounds.  He really did a great job here.  It is as good, or better, than John Legend's original.