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Bryant Tadeo – American Idol 12 Top 40 – Preview

Here’s some video of rumored American Idol 12 Top 40 Contestant Bryant Tadeo from our American Idol 12 Spoiler list. OMG Is he Pinoy? He made it to Hollywood Week last season.

I think he’s cannon fodder. American Idol HATES Asian male contestants. He’ll probably be humiliated like the rest of them over the years. I’ve such bad memories. AJ Tabaldo anyone? Paul Kim?

Watch the video here:

Bryant Tadeo  American Idol Top 40  Preview

Bless The Broken Road

Drift Away

House of the Rising Sun

Via Online Inquirer

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American Idol American Idol 12Bryant TadeoVideo

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He looks like Aiza Seguerra (Filipina actress/singer) especially while singing "The House of the Rising Sun." Hehehe I just noticed that out of the three Filipino hopefuls this year, the youtube videos of Adriana are "private" whereas the youtube videos of the other two are still up and public. Hence, I assume that Adriana will make it 'til the voting round. It was the same with Jessica's youtube vids last year. What do you think Rickey?


Rickey thats a dick thing to say...He's an awesome vocalist and he's a proud filipino...New judges a few new producers...Your attitude should change..

Rickey moderator

@KoaAkau Nigel is still running the show. He has a track record. I've been burned so many times.