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Bryan Keith – Iris – The Voice

Bryan Keith sang “Iris” on The Voice Live Playoffs for Team Adam Levine. Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here.

To vote for Bryan Keith: 1-866-U-LOVE-06

Download: Iris

Bryan Keith  Iris  The Voice

Perfect song choice for his voice! Go Bryan! Go New York!



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I liked this. First the ability to switch octaves so easily is rare. I felt the song, thought he made it quite personal.


I think he has a great talent but he is not fully there yet. 

He needs to work on his lower pitch issues and his stage presence needs to improve. He is not a natural, so it will be hard for him to win. But I  hope he makes it through because he has tons of potential... His best performance has been his audition so far hands down. That Bruno Mars cover was gorgeous.

From now on he needs to pick songs that highlight his upper register the most... I think he would be great singing an Adele song for example. JMHO.


HE SUCKS!  Don't get the hype with him.


TEAM ADAM FTW!!!! Everybody is strong. Yes!!!

Rickey moderator

@ArchieSue I don't think he's getting "hyped." People are just reacting to him when they hear him sing. He's very popular. There's something in his voice that's special. Sorry you can't hear it.


@Rickey @ArchieSue JMO, lols. I guess after hearing about being in the shadows of his Grammy winning father over and over again and how amazing he is blah blah blah. I guess when Keith delivers the goods I will be on the bandwagon. His audition was pretty solid but the last two performances from him have been total crap to me. His voice is not that special, there are loads of rockers out there with better voices. Plus he has no stage presence and I am tired of the hat, lols.  :)  It's just my opinion which doesn't mean much since I am not voting. He will sail through to the next round since PEOPLE like him, just not me.