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Britney Spears and Demi Lovato delight critics in X Factor debut

Although The Voice won the battle last night, it is no doubt that this newer, fresher X Factor is something to be reckoned with, if critical reviews are anything to go by. This is mostly attributed to new judges – pop queen Britney Spears and teen idol Demi Lovato.

See what critics had to say about the new duo:

Billboard: “Britney Spears got down to business in her “X Factor” debut Wednesday night, dispensing blunt-but-fair rulings on some singers, cheery encouragement to others. Demi Lovato was her charming and sweet self throughout and acted as a counter weight to Spears’ brash approach.”

Vancouver Sun: “Judge Britney Spears is in control on The X Factor. During the season debut that aired Wednesday on Fox, the audience cheers her, Simon Cowell defers to her and Spears is crisp, if not a wit, in her verdicts.We get the pop princess who knows how to hold the spotlight, not the young woman who has struggled in her personal life, in the taped premiere of X Factor.”

MTV: Spears was full of bubbly compliments. She also wasn’t afraid to mix it up with rude, terrible singers and provide a gallery of classic horrified/elated faces. Lovato’s charm and electric smile lit up the room, providing the spoonful of sugar to Spears’ sometimes acid edge.

EW:  “She did just fine, rattling off a variety of “No”s to the punching-bag mediocrities the producers let in for comic relief, and offering sensibly measured praise and a few out-and-out raves the rest of the time. In other words, she didn’t overdo it, she looked comfortable, and I’m including the moment when she was confronted with an old duet partner, Don Philip, whose voice was shot. Lovato was lively, free with smiles, and juuuust this side of cocky.”

People: “It’s good to have Britney Spears back. Spears still has a lot of charm in her expressive mouth – she has a great mouth, actually – and eyes that easily convey whatever emotion the moment requires. She has simple, undeniable physicality. Lovato, whom I remember from the night mostly as a sparkly little bird, actually had the single best moment

There you have it. What will YOU watch?

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