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Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey’s reality show is about charity

Bristol Palin scores Reality Show moving in with Kyle Massey

HitFix talked to Kyle Massey and his brother Christopher backstage at the Daytime Emmy Awards — and they described their show as “wholesome”. It’s going to be about charity!

Hmmm…. Bristol is also bringing her baby with her to live with the brothers.

It’s been a rumor for sometime now that Kyle and Bristol are dating.

My irrational reaction: Charity??? It’s about Charity??? I don’t want Charity! I want drama! And tears! And fighting! And Kyle and Bristol romance!

From HitFix:

Anyone hoping for bad girl antics and wild nights in Hollywood from Bristol Palin’s new reality TV project with her “Dancing with the Stars” pal Kyle Massey and his brother Christopher are likely to be disappointed. The way the Masseys described the show backstage at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards made it sound closer to “Three’s Company,” but more wholesome (and, we’re guessing, not as funny). “Bristol’s coming down from Alaska to live with us in L.A.,” Kyle said backstage at the Daytime Emmy Awards. “It’s pretty much us living life in L.A and showing her how we circulate in Hollywood.”

And we weren’t kidding about the wholesome angle. Kyle added, “It’s really charity based. My brother and I have really been vocal about our part in chart in charity. We want to show that you can have fun in life without going to clubs.”

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