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Brian ‘Astro’ Bradley – The Message – The X Factor Judges House

Brian ‘Astro’ Bradley raps ‘The Message’ on The X Factor Judges Homes

He sang in front of his mentor LA Reid and Rihanna! She was impressed! Watch the video here:

Rihanna thought he was so cute!

Judges Houses, Part 1 performances:

The Girls

Caitlin Koch – Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Simone Battle – Help
Tora Woloshin – I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
Drew Ryniewicz – It Must Have Been Love

The Groups

The Brewer Boys – Only Girl In The World
The Anser – Perfect
Lakoda Rayne – Born This Way
4Shore – If You Love Me

The Over 30s

Dexter Haygood – Crazy In Love
Elaine Gibbs – Stop Crying Your Heart Out
James Kenney – Russian Roulette
Stacy Francis – Purple Rain

The Boys

Phillip Lomax – Please Don’t Stop The Music
Brian ‘Astro’ Bradley – The Message
Nick Voss – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Skyelor Anderson – Nobody Knows It But Me

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Savah Brown
Savah Brown

Yeaa This Wat Im talking Bout. He Reppin My Hood Gudd. He Betta Represent. Brooklyn All The Way Uppp.


He's not as good as snoop dog


LA Ried CANNOT pass this kid up! He's not amazing, really, but the fact is he has the potential to be the next Kanye West. He has loads of talent and he is writer to be sure. Not a fan of rap all the time but this is one of those instances where it possesses crossover.

I think the best thing about this kid is that he seems like a really hard worker so all of the natural talent he has will eventually pay off. Hope he makes it through and he makes something of himself.