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Boston Marathon Explosion 2013 – Video

Here’s a video of the Boston Marathon explosion at the finish line. This is a developing story.

This was the best video grab that I could get from the live feed at CBS. #PrayForBoston

Updated with a clearer video from Vine. Updated with even clearer video from Boston.com. (OMG) News updates below.

Two Explosions at Boston Marathon Finish Line (AP)

Boston Police Department: 2 dead, 22 injured in 2 explosions near marathon finish line.

Boston police confirms another explosion at JFK Library


Photos of the Boston Marathon Bombing (The Atlantic) – Warning! Super graphic images.

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I can't wait till we find the sonofabitch who did this and haul him before all of his successors alive and unborn, and show them that you don't just get away with violence on this level. That there is always a resolve and justice and you will be caught and tried. 

Courage to Boston. They have a lot of people with a lot of heart today. 

Caren Lehto
Caren Lehto

It was a fire in the mechanical room. At first they didn't think it was related but now they're treating it as such.

Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez

Thank you Rickey!! You're always on top of things!!


Also, the families of the Newtown victims were there before the bombs went off. The race was in memorium of the victims of that violence and has me wondering if the families might have somehow been a target. 

Tagg Romney and his family were also in the area at the finish line sometime before the explosions. They tweeted a photo of the event around 2:45pm.