Bones – Season 8 Episode 4 – Recap – The Tiger in the Tale

In the fourth episode of Bones Season 8, “The Tiger in the Tale,” Brennan weighs the pros and cons of running for president, Sweets & Daisy aren’t on the same page in their relationship, and the Jeffersonian team solve another murder mystery.

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Episode 4 kicked off with a couple’s car getting stuck in a ditch… or so they thought. The “ditch” was actually a murder victim’s body. Unaware that their car was on top of a dead person’s body, the gentleman pushed the car from behind, while the lady accelerated. (This caused the murder victim’s face to “spray” all over the gentlemen’s upper body…. the victim’s face latched onto the gentleman’s collared shirt). The left, hind tire crushed the victim’s skull as the wheel spun. The gentlemen unfortunately swallowed the murder victim’s tooth in the process. The victim was identified to be a Caucasian male in his late 20’s named Jared Drew. Last week’s crime scene grossed me out; however, I was unfazed by tonight’s crime scene. Weird or not weird?

The murder victim’s face latched onto the gentleman’s upper body

Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is running for president! She compiled a list of the pros and cons of running for president. A couple pro’s would be her intelligence and in-depth knowledge of the evolution of the government. An obvious con is that she was a fugitive for three months. I would definitely vote for Brennan if she were to run for president! She definitely has the likeability and charismatic factors down. Booth (David Boreanaz), however, doesn’t want Brennan to run for president.

Jared Drew was a day laborer working unskilled jobs (i.e. picking up garbage in parking lots, picking up excrements at a pet expo, and illegally driving animals to a farmland owner). Booth & Brennan visited one of the parking lots that Jared used to clean up, and they witnessed twenty men vying for 2 labor job openings. It was really unfortunate to see so many people vying for a minimum wage, janitorial job.

20 men vying for a minimum wage, day laborer job

This week’s intern at the Jeffersonian Institute was Daisy (Dr. Sweet’s fiance and Dr. Brennan’s intern). When Sweets (John Francis Daley) & Daisy (Carla Gallo) decided to move in together, Sweets grossly underestimated the impact this would have on their relationship. He believed that this was just a minor step forward in their relationship; but, Daisy naturally viewed this as a major step. After giving this more thought, Sweets backed out of this commitment and broke up with Daisy. Even though they made a cute couple, this break-up didn’t surprise me at all. I knew that Sweets wasn’t in love with Daisy anymore because he developed feelings for FBI Agent Olivia in the previous episode. I think Sweets and Agent Olivia may become a couple later on in the season.

Sweets breaking up with Daisy

Eric Niebling, the head manager of the pet expo that Jared used to work at, was asked to come in for questioning after Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) found animal excrements on the soles of Jared Drew’s shoes. In fact, one of Eric’s wild animals at the pet expo (a pure-bread Siberian Tiger) slashed Jared’s flesh. After Jared drove this tiger over to the farmland owner, the farmland owner shot and killed tiger because it was “out of control.” Jared did not seek medical assistance for his wound since it is illegal to keep a pure-bread Siberian Tiger as a pet (yet alone drive the tiger over to the farmland owner). Jared’s blood was poisoned by the flesh wound, and so was Eric’s. When Eric shot and murdered Jared, some of Jared’s blood blew back onto Eric’s hands…. Eric’s blood later suffered the same type of poisoning that Jared’s blood had.

The Killer: Eric

Bones will be on hiatus for a few weeks. The next episode airs Monday, 11/5, at 8pm ET on FOX.


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