Bones – Season 8 Episode 3 – Recap – The Gunk in the Garage

In the third episode of Bones Season 8, “The Gunk in the Garage,” Booth sits behind a desk for a whole week, Sweets becomes interested in another lady (who’s not Daisy), and Brennan & Angela make a rare mistake when trying to identify the murder victim.

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Booth & Brennan head to the crime scene:

On their way to the crime scene, Booth (David Boreanaz) & Brennan (Emily Deschanel) argued about baby strollers. Booth wanted to purchase an inexpensive baby stroller, but Brennan disagreed—she wanted to purchase an $800 stroller:

Booth: “I only payed $500 for my first car.”

Brennan: “You’re too sensitive. It’s just money!”

Booth: “Rich people always say that.”

I agree with Booth. You gotta admit…$800 is a bit pricey for a baby stroller.

At the Crime Scene:

As the murder victim walked towards his car, he noticed a slurpee cup on the roof of his car. He naturally grabbed the cup to get it out of the way (unfortunately, this caused the bomb to detonate.) His remains splattered all over the garage of a hotel…. and his body parts were burnt to a crisp.

Booth & Brennan met the Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) at the scene of the crime. The grossest part about the crime scene was that the “stomach” and “intestines” fell flat onto Hodgins’ face! Of course these “body parts” are fake…. but, it was still incredibly repulsive to watch. (I wouldn’t want fake organs on my face. Blegh!) I’ve been watching this show since the first season, and some of the fake bodies still gross me out.

Hodgins: “Could you (Cam) take the big pieces off first?”

Cam: “Just a couple more little ones (first).”

The Explosion

The aftermath of the explosion

Sweets is introduced to Rookie FBI Agent Olivia:

The Resident Prosecutor, Caroline (Patricia Belcher), informed Booth that he’d be missing this week’s crime scene investigation. (Booth had to stay behind in the office all week to prepare for an important presentation). Caroline stated that if Booth conducts an impressive presentation, she’ll offer him a promotion and a raise!

Caroline asked a rookie FBI Agent named Olivia to temporarily fill in for Booth. Sweets’ (John Francis Daley) fiance, Daisy (Carla Gallo), is actually out of town for five days… so Sweets was feeling a little lonely. He became interested in Agent Olivia, and actually confessed it at the end of the episode. She echoed his sentiments, gave him a kiss on the lips, but respected Daisy enough not to get in bed with him.

Agent Olivia also apologized to Sweets for underestimating his skills and “psychological mojo.”

Sweets and Agent Olivia kiss

In the Lab:

Cam found a metal fragment (a piece of the detonator) lodged in the murder victim’s liver. She handed this to Hodgins, and asked him to further investigate on the matter. Hodgins also found a cockroach egg in the metal fragment (which was covered in insecticide). Later, Hodgins and Brennan conducted a test-explosion at the Jeffersonian Institute Lab—they used a shock tube to re-create the effects that the blast had on the bones (using a test-dummy).

Brennan & Hodgins conducting a test-explosion

The Team makes a major error:

Brennan & Angela (Michaela Conlin) misidentified the murder victim. Before they realized that the murder victim had an identical twin, they identified the victim as Robert Carlson. (Robert is the twin who is alive, and Jerry Langela is the twin that was murdered). These two individuals never got the chance to meet each other in person… they didn’t even know the other existed!

Sweets and his temporary associate, Agent Olivia, headed to Mrs. Carlson’s home to inform her of her husband’s death. After Sweets and Olivia let Mrs. Carlson know, Robert walked up to his front door. This led to Sweets receiving a physical beating from Mrs. Carlson (since he misinformed her about her husband’s “death”).

Back at the lab, Sweets stated that identical twins share 85% of key behavioral characteristics (even twins who’ve never met before).

After Angela reviewed the security tapes, the Team figured out that Robert lied about not being at the hotel the day that Jerry was murdered. Robert was at the hotel that day to secretly attend a “Self-Actualization Synergy Symposium” (but he honestly didn’t know that Jerry was there as well).

Murder Victim: Jerry Langela

Booth is having a bad day at work:

Booth isn’t as great behind a desk as he is out in the field. There were piles and piles of important papers scattered all over his desk. He was definitely stressing out about his presentation, and he was upset that he couldn’t participate in this week’s crime scene investigation. This all changed when Mrs. Carlson confessed to hiring someone else to kill her husband. Only thing is… he wasn’t murdered (his identical twin, Jerry, was!).

Booth basically said, “Screw you,” to the presentation… and didn’t even present (even though his higher-ups were waiting for him inside the presentation room!). This meant that he wouldn’t be receiving a promotion and a raise.

Cam found the murderer’s hair strand at the scene of the crime. After Angela figured out who the hair strand belonged to, the Team caught the killer just in time…. they caught him before he had the chance to murder the second twin—Robert Carlson. (He “accidentally” murdered Jerry Langela at the hotel garage because he thought that was Robert… and he almost killed Robert in front of an ATM machine at the end of the episode). The Team was able to save someone from getting murdered. I’m so proud of the BONES team! This show is so good.

The Killer

I was missing a little Booth action at tonight’s crime scene. I’m so used to seeing him kick ass in every episode…. I was caught off-guard seeing him behind an office desk. He’s one sexy FBI Agent. That’s for sure!

The next episode airs Monday, 10/8, at 8pm ET on FOX. I can’t wait!!!


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