Bones – Season 8 Episode 2 – Recap – The Partners in the Divorce

Bones continued tonight with the second episode of Season 8, “The Partners in the Divorce.”

Episode 2 centered around another murder investigation and Booth & Brennan’s tense relationship (after being apart for 3 months).

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This episode kicked off with two homeless men drinking alcohol while roaming the streets. They smelled meat from afar, and assumed it was animal meat.

Man #1: “Do you smell chicken?

Man #2: “It smells like pork to me.”

They walked towards the burning bin, and discovered a human body being burnt to a crisp. Un-phased by the dead human body, the first man said:

Man #1: “Damn. I thought we were going to eat.”

At Booth & Brennan’s home, there was definitely tension in the air. Booth (David Boreanaz) asked Brennan (Emily Deschanel) why she was cooking breakfast. (This was out of the norm because Booth has always cooked breakfast for the family). During Brennan and Baby Christine’s disappearance/hide-out, Brennan worked as a “fry cook” to financially support herself for the time being. Brennan also rejected Booth’s kiss before they headed to work.

At the crime scene, Brennan revealed that she and Christine slept under a bridge because they weren’t able to find any other form of shelter. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Cam (Tamara Taylor) were already at the crime scene before Booth & Brennan got there. They found a severely charred body—which was later identified as a Caucasian male named Richard Bartlet. Booth also stepped on a chunk of brain, so Cam had to bag his shoe for evidence. Since Booth and Brennan’s argument (from earlier in the morning) went unresolved, Booth lashed out on his fellow co-workers.

For the past several seasons, the Bones directors have been re-shuffling their interns (because former intern, Zack, left the show). This episode featured Recurring Intern, Finn Abernathy (Luke Kleintank). He assisted Cam with the remains. His specialty is dealing with bones, not flesh…. so he almost threw up after he saw the “barbequed” remains. It turns out the victim (Richard) suffered fractures to his rib, both femurs, and both tibias. Richard also underwent heart surgery before he was murdered, so they were able to use the serial number on the heart to discover the victim’s identity.

Cam and Finn observing the remains

The following scene took place at the shooting range. The Resident FBI Psychologist, Sweets (John Francis Daley), confronted Booth about him lashing out at the crime scene. Sweets asked Booth if everything was okay at home. Booth confessed that he was upset Brennan cooked breakfast, and that he wished those 3 months he spent apart from Brennan & Christine would’ve never happened.

During the first interrogation of possible suspects, Booth & Brennan brought in Richard’s ex-wife, Pamela, for questioning. Pamela said that her ex-husband was a lawyer for wealthy people. She also mentioned that Richard had an assistant named Margo Sandoval.


Back at the Jeffersonian Institute, Cam, Finn, Hodgins, and Angela (Michaela Conlin) found evidence lodged in Richard’s neck. It was a nib of a fountain pen.

Booth and Brennan headed over to Richard’s old workplace to meet with his assistant, Margo Sandoval. She shredded important documents before she allowed Booth and Brennan into her office. Brennan discovered blood on her desk, and noticed that one of the fountain pens were missing from her desk. This put Margo right at the top of the Suspect List. Booth also mentioned that he wanted to take Christine to the carousel, but Brennan stated that she already took Christine to the carousel during their 3-month absence. (Christine didn’t enjoy the experience).


Inside Angela’s office, Brennan asked Angela to re-assemble the shredded documents in order to gain insight as to why they found blood on Margo’s desk. Angela also confronted Brennan about her tense relationship with Booth.

Angela: “You worked at a fast food place, and you were a single mother.”

Angela mentioned that this must’ve taken a toll on Brennan’s psyche and mental stability.

Sweets let Booth know that Richard had scheduled a meeting (at 7:00pm) with one of his clients, Gavin, and his ex-wife Melanie…. the night that he was murdered. Later in the episode, Booth and Brennan visited Gavin and Melanie in their home. They mentioned that they “un-did” their divorce and that they were “having a baby” together. This was just a cover story.

Back in the lab, Hodgins analyzed Richard’s stomach contents. Hodgins revealed to Cam that Richard’s last meal was a Rat Burger. Then, they brought in the chef (that served Richard a rat burger) for questioning. The chef confessed that he had been serving Richard a rat burger every Tuesday for two years. (He was one of Richard’s clients). He sought revenge because Richard had charged him too much money to handle his divorce from his ex-wife.

The chef that served Richard “Rat Burgers” for two years

Hodgins’ discovered the murderer’s fingernail in the fountain pen. This was the same fountain pen that was found in Richard’s neck. Hodgins was able to obtain DNA from the bloody fingernail lodged in the fountain pen.

The murderer’s fingernail found in the fountain pen

Angela successfully put the shredded pieces back together, and discovered Richard & Pamela’s pre-nuptial agreement as well as a photo of Pamela sleeping with Margo (Richard’s assistant). Richard was upset over Pamela having an affair with another woman!

Booth and Brennan brought Margo in for questioning.

Margo: “Pamela and I are in love. We don’t care about the money.”

Margo then revealed that Richard found the image of her sleeping with Pamela. Margo wanted to protect Pamela, so she shredded the picture (even after Richard saw it).

Angela revealed that Richard died while falling down something steep and vertical. Booth and Brennan headed back to Richard’s workplace…. only to discover a garbage chute filled with blood. This is where Richard died. During this scene, Booth and Brennan continued to bicker:

Brennan: “We are not married. We are both free agents, and I’m doing just fine on my own.”

Later, Booth and Brennan brought in Gavin & Melanie for questioning. Gavin didn’t pay Richard’s bill (because the price was too steep). They confessed to murdering Richard: Melanie stabbed him in the neck with a fountain pen and then lied about being pregnant. Thereafter, she told Gavin that Richard was “dead” (even when Richard still had a pulse), so Gavin threw him down the garbage chute and set him on fire.

The murderers: Gavin and Melanie

In the final scene, Brennan attended a therapy session with Sweets. She wanted to get back on the right track, and realized that her happiness is contingent upon Booth’s happiness as well as Christine’s happiness.

Booth: “I was mad when I lost you and Christine for 3 months.”

Booth and Brennan forgave each other, and kissed. Brennan also honored Booth’s wish to take Christine to the carousel.

Brennan and Booth make up

The next episode airs Monday, 10/1, at 8pm ET on FOX. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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