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Blake Shelton Claims The Voice Has Him Sacrificing the Peak of his Career

Blake Shelton, judge for The Voice, claims he has sacrificed the best part of his career to keep his judging role.  Is he considering leaving the show?

In an interview with Country Weekly, Shelton said: “I’ve sacrificed the peak of my career.”  “I don’t know how long I can stand it.”

Shelton has been critical of The Voice producer’s decision to run the show twice a year, having been quoted at a CMA press conference as saying “So far I’m doing the back-to-back season.”  “I’ve been very vocal with the network and Mark Burnett’s production company. It’s like ‘Man, this sucks, because the reason that you want the four of us is because we’re viable artists right now, current. And we can’t do both, if we do back-to-back seasons.”

It sounds like Shelton is still struggling to strike a balance between the commitment of doing The Voice twice a year and maintaining a career as a major touring and recording artist.

In an article with TV Guide, Burnett indicated that he understood the difficulty of expecting “current” artists to do the show twice a year and hinted that they are considering having a rotating panel of judges, though he hopes to maintain the original four as the “core panel,” while swapping in temporary substitutes to give the stars time off to attend to their music careers.

Swapping in fresh judges sounds like the most viable option, since part of the appeal of The Voice is that the judges, well three of them anyway, are still current charting artists and that will be hard to maintain if they are spending all their time being reality show judges.


Blake Shelton Claims The Voice Has Him Sacrificing the Peak of his Career

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