‘The Blacklist’ Sets Early Return Date

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

After catching all kinds of hell last season for keeping Revolution on the shelf until The Voice could return to serve as a lead-in in March — a move that crippled what had been the fall’s biggest new hit — NBC has decided to take a more cautious approach with The Blacklist.

Instead of a four-month hiatus like the one Revolution suffered, The Blacklist will only be gone roughly a month before returning. Following a Blacklist marathon of back-to-back repeats from 8-11 PM on January 6, three new episodes of the series will air in the three weeks that follow. The Blacklist will return with new episodes on January 13, 20 and 27 following a two-hour American Ninja Warrior special and new episodes of Hollywood Game Night, respectively. However, this is not necessarily the show’s full-fledged midseason return, but rather a way to break up the long hiatus between the fall and spring runs of the show, since NBC will have its entire schedule on hold longer than usual as a result of the Winter Olympics.

For instance, as of this moment, NBC hasn’t officially set premiere dates for any of its new or returning programs. All we really know right now is that a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit special is scheduled to air on February 3 just before heading into the two full weeks of Olympics coverage. We also know that The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will officially premiere on Monday, February 17. But other than that, who knows? But the Winter Olympics is still worth the trouble, as it’s tons of new eyeballs to potential get roped in by NBC’s ads. It should be interesting to see how their midseason fares this year as compared to last year’s disastrous run, which saw the network placing fifth behind Univision.

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