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Big Brother 8 — Daniele is Dick’s Daughter


OMG — Daniele makes a scene in the HOH room, and YES, she is definitely the female Dick. Argh. Her appeal to pity was a bit disgusting. Hope a lot of the houseguests can see through it — which I doubt. Jameka apologized. Weak.

Eric: “OK America, I’m going to earn your trust even if it kills me.”

Eric failed the silent treatment task because Jessica approached him. Sigh. I hope he realizes America hates him and that Dustin is in mortal danger this week.

Save Dustin! Danger! Danger!

Please America vote for Dick. Text #1 to 81818. You can vote 10 times 99 cents each.

Free online voting at: (I think it opens PT)

It looks like Dustin will be evicted this week and all the power will now go to Zach and Jen. Amazing. If D/D or the LNC win HOH, it doesn’t matter because Zach and Jen will be doing the voting which will matter. Now if Zach or Jen win HOH then they have the power to change the dynamic of the house right there.

Save Dustin! Save Gonorrhea Boy!

Update: It looks like America voted for Dustin to leave. Eric is already talking to Jessica about the possibility of voting Dustin out NOW. Poor guy (Eric). It’s not the end of the world if Dustin leaves, but it makes everything so difficult again. The only opening I see is with Jen, because Zach is useless. Sigh.

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