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Big Brother 15 – Spoilers – Power of Veto Winner – 8/24/2013

Big Brother 15 Spoilers for August 24, 2013! Who won the Power of Veto?

Operation Backdoor Amanda is on!

After initially targetting Aaryn for eviction, nominating Aaryn and McCrae, new HOH Elissa changed her mind last night after being called to DR. The new plan is to backdoor Amanda, and she formed an alliance with Aaryn who was overjoyed and is onboard. An alliance between Elissa, GinaMarie, Aaryn and Judd (who returned from jury last Thursday) seems to be forming.

Amanda and McCrae are scrambling – with Amanda trying to use her tears with Elissa last night to ZERO effect. Elissa laughed at her face in what was one of the best moments in Big Brother history!

Meanwhile, Andy and Spencer are mostly out of the loop but they are scrambling too as the house is shifting away from Amanda and McCrae. We’ll see what these two do after the veto ceremony. One of them will decide who goes this week, most likely Spencer. (Andy cannot be trusted! He’s disgusting!)

Finally Judd is back in the game and as expected is in the middle of the biggest move this season. He’s the only one that Elissa can trust completely and vice versa. I am so happy. Team Julissa Furevr!™

Elissa winning HOH and Judd returning are the best things that have happened this season so far. The past 48 hours have swooped Big Brother fans into a frenzy with Amanda and Elissa trending on Twitter in the US overnight.

Honestly, I never thought I would be rooting for GinaMarie after all the racist things she has said but here we are. We are having a bizarre good vs. evil thing going on in the BB house right now. Glued to the feeds all weekend! :)

Big Brother 15 - Spoilers - Power of Veto Winner 1

Big Brother 15 - Spoilers - Power of Veto Winner

Big Brother 15 – Spoilers – Power of Veto Winner

Big Brother 15 – Week 9 – Summary

Head of Household: Elissa
Nominated for Eviction: McCrae and Aaryn

POV Players: Elissa, McCrae, Aaryn, Amanda, GinaMarie, Judd (houseguest choice from Aaryn!)

Power of Veto Winner: Amanda


Head of Household
Nominated for Eviction
Power of Veto Winner


OK I’m a little upset that Amanda won. Most likely she will take off McCrae from the block and the replacement will likely be Andy or Spencer. What a bummer.

Looks like Andy is going to be the replacement nominee. Hahahahaha. Sweet karma.

Update: Amanda is working to get Elissa to nominated GinaMarie. Looks like it is working. Sigh. Hopefully things still change by Monday and that Andy still gets nominated.

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Amanda 1
Amanda 1

AG + the DR want 3AM to last, I just know it!!! :/  They didn't show the Goof Troop or the Knockouts alliance, but are happy to broadcast a last minute alliance. They want Amanda and Aaryn to continue working together. In order for Aaryn to stay, GM needs to go up. I swear, Judd went into the DR, and suddenly after he thinks it's ok for GM to go up. I'm so pissed, not because I like GM, but because Demanda will get her way!!!

I can't stomach the feeds now, I will tune in to see what happens with the veto ceremony. Hopefully GM will talk to Elissa and change her mind. If GM goes up, I don't think I can deal. I hate how a tv show can get to me like this! LOL

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

LOL, I'm watching feeds, I keep waiting for Elissa to be 1-on-1 with certain people and Andy keeps talk-blocking, as usual.

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

I'll echo what everyone else said, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! OMG, I really wanted Amanda/McCrae OTB. Not that I like Aaryn, but I can't stand Amanda's smug attitude. 

As long as Andy is OTB next to Aaryn, it'll be okay. One of 3AM needs to go, no matter what. I think Elissa is smart enough not to put of GM or Spencer.


Worst case scenario happened, not even kidding. 

Rickey moderator

@Amanda 1Yeah I needed to tune out. I couldn't believe that Amanda is getting her way with Andy and Spencer lying to Elissa and Judd (who both seem to be buying it). We had a great 48 hours then now gloom and doom again. Horrible. I'm going to skip Sunday then just monitor again on Monday. It's too much for me. I'm really rooting for Judd and Elissa -- and though they are safe this week, I hate seeing them played like this. Why? Because they are likeable? People are awful.

Rickey moderator

@Amanda 1 I know! I hope he is on the block. Best case scenario now that Amanda won veto.

Rickey moderator

@realphill I know! I really hope Andy goes. Looks like Amanda and McCrae will keep Aaryn anyways so whoever goes against her is out. This is nuts. This basically guarantees that the battle continues next week!!!

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

@Rickey @Amanda 1 Yup, I feel the exact same way. I'm gonna skip Sunday, no point watching feeds. Frees up my time to do other things, then I'll check Monday and HOPEFULLY something will change. I was excited to see Judd back, and then Elissa teaming up with him (I wasn't an El fan before, but I like her now that Helen is gone). I will scream if someone from 3AM doesn't go this week. Too bad Judd/El/Spencer/Andy aren't legit with each other in wanting to take down McManda. Andy is ruining the season. Amanda sucks, she really does. I can only hope Judd wins next HOH. If he doesn't, I will be sick.

Rickey moderator

@realphill @Rickey I know! The lines are drawn now. GinaMarie or Judd need to win HOH next week.