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Big Brother 15 – Spoilers – Nominations and MVP – 7/12/2013

Big Brother 15 Week 3 Nomination Spoilers!

After overnight drama from Nick’s eviction:

CrayMarie™ Epic Meltdown — 4+ hours crying non-stop (with racist anger breaks) “Why Judd? Why?”
Aaryn and GinaMarie vs. Candice and Jessie Racist Bed Fight
Aaryn and Amanda Racist Fight
Howard Breakdown – “Help me lord! Get out!”

the new HOH Helen makes her nominations.

Big Brother 15 - Spoilers - Nominations

Big Brother 15 – Spoilers – Nominations


Helen finds out about the all-male alliance “Moving Company” and loses trust in Howard and Spencer. After lying about his vote overnight and this morning, Howard finally confesses to Helen that he cast the vote for Elissa just a couple of hours ago (however, he still lied about the all-male alliance!)

McCrae told Amanda, Judd and Andy the truth about the “Moving Company” planting distrust in Howard and Spencer. Jeremy also told Kaitlin about MC.

As I understand, the real target this week is Jeremy. But he is not going to get nominated by the HOH or MVP until after the veto.

The Have Nots this week are: Amanda, McCrae, Jessie and Judd (via Jokers)

Howard threw the Have Not competition.

As much as I think Helen might be talking too much, I can see the wisdom in her opening up to the Mean Girls and making them feel OK. Don’t let them see the knife stabbing them is a great tactic.


Head of Household
Nominated for Eviction

MVP should be revealed soon and third nominee before the POV Competition. Check back for spoilers this weekend!

If Elissa gets MVP, it looks like Howard might be the nominee.

Team Judd Forever!™


Spencer just confessed to Helen about the Moving Company (although she knew about it already). Jeremy confessed about MC too to Andy (even if he knew already). Jeremy campaigning already to save himself.

Note: Amanda is working Aaryn for an alliance…

Note: Amanda and Helen are just working it in the house right now. Fascinating game play. Helen is literally working everyone telling them what to do. Amanda is already planting the seeds for next week.

Note: July 13, 2013 1:55 a.m. – Looks like CBS is manipulating the show this week. Helen told Elissa that “the show doesn’t want Howard on the block” this week even as a pawn to backdoor Jeremy. So the other option now should they follow is for Spencer to go up or have Jeremy up outright.

My thoughts now are: The show wants to protect Howard after his breakdown yesterday and keep the racist Aaryn storyline going for the TV broadcast. They are not interested in how Howard and Spencer were not loyal to the group in power now. In fact, Julie said that Spencer was “in control” of the house (agreeing with Nick) — which is far from the truth. Right now, all the cards are with Helen and Amanda.

Note: Nominating Howard is back on, but we’ll see if Elissa is swayed by the Diary Room. Howard knows that he’s about to go up. McCrae said he was the MVP and that rumor is spreading. He’s the Fake MVP, Elissa is the real MVP for three weeks in a row. The house is splitting again, as Howard-Candice-Spencer are feeling the pressure that they are in the outs. This could all explode again next week!

UPDATE: The MVP is Elissa and she nominated Spencer!

It’s like a comedy of errors now as Elissa had agreed with the alliance to put up Howard, but somehow she nominated Spencer. She lied saying she wasn’t MVP, but Amanda got her to tell the truth. It was hilarious to watch.

Now, Amanda and McCrae are upset because they now have a big target on their backs.

Update: “Fake MVP” McCrae making a deal with Howard, to save him and Amanda next week. Howard swore on the bible again.

Note: It really looks like the narrative this week will be Howard breaking down because of the racist issue. This is why CBS does not want him on the block at all! Helen and Elissa both convinced by DR not to put up Howard.

“The Big Brother gods did not want Howard on the block.”

Note: Looks like Elissa, Amanda and McCrae have straightened it out. So McCrae is officially the “Fake MVP” this week! Hilarious!

Spencer to McCrae: “Yeah, put me up.”

Judd and Elissa - Big Brother 15

Judd and Elissa – Big Brother 15

Amanda Aaryn

Amanda Aaryn

Judd CrayMarie Big Brother 15

Judd CrayMarie Big Brother 15

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Klope62 moderator

OMG! HELEN!!! Spencer! Omg! I have so much to catch up on!!!

This is epic.


absolute madness!! elissa triying to back down on the mvp.. hilarious!! and mcamanda reaction cD 


im really digging the mcamaryn alliance

Rickey moderator

@realphill Aaryn is so naïve though. She gives so much information to everyone! She's like a community bulletin board, LOL.

Klope62 moderator

@Rickey @Klope62 I hope we get a good cast next year so that production doesn't have to go through these crazy amounts of manipulation to give us good stuff.

Klope62 moderator

@Rickey @Klope62 I mean, I absolutely hated most of them from the beginning ...and for the most part I still don't care for them as a whole. Like...once literally half of the house leave it is tolerable, but still, ugh. There is no one I REALLY want to root for, nor anyone I REALLY relate to. It is still early so I'm sure things will change ...but for now, still. Ugh. 

Rickey moderator

@Klope62 @Rickey It looks like the racism is the main storyline they want to do and are pushing for an Aaryn eviction -- which is actually sub-optimal to strategy since she's actually the PERFECT person to bring into final 2 for a guaranteed win. LOL

Rickey moderator

@Klope62 @Rickey Yeah Howard was the perfect MVP nomination for the alliance, but this is what happened. Though the ones really upset are Amanda and McCrae since it creates an even bigger target on their backs. McCrae is going really paranoid right now and is thinking that Howard should be backdoored, which is even crazy! The house is going to explode again soon.

This cast is not that bad in a sense, but Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer and GinaMarie have just gone way overboard with the racism/bullying. Casting just got too carried away.