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Big Brother 15 – Spoilers – MVP Third Nominee – 7/20/2013 – Video

Big Brother 15 Week 4 Spoilers! Who did America choose as the Third Nominee this week?


Chaos! Paranoia has set in the Big Brother house as everyone scrambled to figure out what the twist was with the MVP nominee. Elissa said that she wasn’t the MVP. Some people think she is lying and other speculate that America is choosing the third nominee this week.

Amanda is plotting. Helen is plotting. Spencer is plotting. Judd is in the middle of everything, and he has no idea what is going on with everyone. Oh no! It’s going to be a crazy weekend!

Team Judd Forever!™

Week 4 – Summary

Head of Household – Judd
MVP – America
Nominated for Eviction: Aaryn, Kaitlin, Elissa (MVP Nominee)

Have Nots: Andy, Spencer, Jessie and Candice (via Jokers)
Food: Macaroni and Mangoes (wait, those mangoes look good and macaroni is awesome!)

Power of Veto Players: Helen, McCrae, Judd, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Elissa

Head of Household
America BB Uncle Sam
Nominated for Eviction
Elissa (MVP Nominee)

LOL! The Brenchel fans voted for Elissa by mistake!!! Hahahaha!!!

Looks like Big Brother did not tell them that America is the MVP this week. Everyone is so confused!!! Power of Veto Competition later. This is going to be nuts.

Big Brother 15 - Spoilers - MVP Third Nominee

Big Brother 15 – Spoilers – MVP Third Nominee


Big Brother 15 – Spoilers – Third Nominee

Big Brother 15 – Spoilers – Third Nominee

Elissa Nominated

Elissa Nominated

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Klope62 moderator

GM is really annoying.


and lol at the judd calling the meeting video xD

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

Huh? Lol. Elissa has been acting too weird, I think she knew about it. I wonder if she wants to leave before jury? Man, I wanted Amanda to be nominated. :P

Rickey moderator

@Amanda 1 Well, she obviously knew because she didn't get MVP. I guess in the back of her mind, if someone else got it, she would be up.

Let's wait for the POV results later, then it will be really interesting! Amanda is playing her cards too hard and I'm so scared it will ruin Judd's game. Judd is trying to get things under control by reminding everyone that Aaryn is the target. Meanwhile, everyone else are plotting who will evicted NEXT when they still have not voted someone off this week. It's nuts.