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Big Brother 15 – Results – Eviction and HOH – Live Blog for 7/11/2013 – Video

Big Brother 15 Week 2 eviction results for July 11, 2013! Who’s going home? Who is the new HOH?

This could have been a great blindside eviction but Helen talked too much this morning and it looks like Spencer and Howard are voting with the rest of the house and breaking up the Moving Company alliance. Who knew this would happen a few days ago? Expect the unexpected!

The feeds were on up to the last minute. Big Brother knows this is going to be a great night.

Big Brother 15 - Results - Eviction and HOH - Live Blog

Big Brother 15 – Results – Eviction and HOH – Live Blog

Big Brother 15 - Results - Eviction and HOH - Live Blog

Big Brother 15 – Results – Eviction and HOH – Live Blog

Week 2 – Summary

Head of Household: Aaryn
MVP: Elissa
Nominated for Eviction: Helen, Elissa, Jeremy
POV Winner: Jeremy
POV Ceremony: Jeremy gets himself out of the block
Replacement Nominee (from MVP): Nick
Nominated for Eviction: Helen, Elissa, Nick

Head of Household
Nominated for Eviction
Jeremy (Saved)
Power of Veto Winner
Nominated for Eviction (After Veto Ceremony)
Big Brother 15 Eviction

Big Brother 15 Eviction


Candice starts the ball rolling with getting Nick out.

Jessie becomes the crucial vote in getting Nick out.

Howard and Spencer do not trust McCrae’s closest ally Amanda — which is a bad idea which plants the seed with McCrae voting out Nick.

Jessie gets asked about her “showmance” (Judd!!!)

Amanda gets asked about cameras and forgetting if they are on.

Racist Feature: Big Brother airs more racist remarks from Aaryn. Amanda tells Aaryn that people think she is racist. Aaryn is in denial.

Aaryn Racist Big Brother 15

Aaryn Racist Big Brother 15



Jeremy votes to evict Elissa
Kaitlin votes to evict Elissa
Andy votes to evict Nick
GinaMarie votes to evict Elissa
Judd votes to evict Nick
Spencer votes to evict Nick
Jessie votes to evict Nick
Howard votes to evict Elissa (OMG, WTF!)
McCrae votes to evict Nick
Amanda votes to evict Nick
Candice votes to evict Nick

Elissa – 4
Nick – 7
Helen – 0

Nick is evicted from the Big Brother house!

With Howard voting for Elissa, it’s going to be a crazy week! I think his and Spencer’s game just went down the drain with the single vote.

After the announcement, GinaMarie melts down!!!

Nick Uhas Evicted Big Brother 15

Nick Uhas Evicted Big Brother 15

Interview: Nick thinks that Spencer is “in control” of the house. (LOL! Not true!) Then Julie confirmed it! (Whatev Julie). She also told him that McCrae voted against him.


Rickey’s Pick for MVP: Judd

Please vote for Judd! He is the best!!!

Vote at

HOH Competition

“Overnight Delivery”

Big Brother woke the houseguests up last night to look at the Big Brother Xpress with a conveyor belt with packages.

True or False questions

Judd and Jeremy out on first question.
A lot eliminated on second question.
Candice out on third question.

Tie Breaker between: Helen, Katilin, Howard, Jessie and McCrae

McCrae is out on first tie-breaker

HOH Winner is: Helen is the new HOH!!!!

OMG, the Mother’s Alliance of Helen and Elissa could take over the nominations this week! Wow! Instant karma!

Aaryn chose Helen and Elissa for eviction and selected them both as have nots — guess who’s definitely going to get nominated and be a have not this week?

Helen wins HOH Big Brother Week 3

Helen wins HOH Big Brother Week 3

Update: Feeds are up quick tonight!

GinaMarie is still in total meltdown!!!

Everyone knows that Howard was the fourth vote to evict Elissa.

GinaMarie Meltdown

GinaMarie Meltdown

“Why Judd Why?”

Gina Marie Big Brother Meltdown

Gina Marie Big Brother Meltdown

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