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Big Brother 15 – Results – Double Eviction – Live Blog for 8/08/2013 – Video

Big Brother 15 Week 6 double eviction results, recap and live blog for August 8, 2013! Who got double evicted? Follow all the action here!

Big Brother 15 Results Double Eviction Live Blog

Big Brother 15 Results Double Eviction Live Blog

It’s paranoia week in the Big Brother house and it’s going to be even crazier with tonight’s live double eviction. Who goes home first tonight and who will be the next HOH? There are a couple of wildcard scenarios — and one of them could send Judd (!!!) packing. It’s going to be crazy.

Big Brother 15 - Results - Double Eviction - Live Blog

Big Brother 15 – Results – Double Eviction – Live Blog

Plus: Julie Chen tweeted this week a picture of the “reset” button from last season. Could this mean the end of the MVP twist?

Also: This season will have a 9-member jury! Which means tonight’s evictees are already in jury, which is ironic since GinaMarie in particular wants Candice out because she doesn’t want her nemesis in the jury house. Ah yes, sweet karma.


Julie announces that the two evicted houseguests tonight will be part of the jury and that she will let the houseguests know during the course of the show.

Recap of how a backdoor for Amanda could be in the works. Also, Amanda thinks Judd is the MVP (like 99.999% sure, LOL) Ironically — Judd is tremendously loyal to Amanda. Andy thinks it’s “way too early” to get rid of Amanda. (Ughh, it’s never “too early” to get rid of Amanda).

Julie tells the houseguests…

She lets everyone know that there is a 9-member jury this week — and tonight is double eviction night.

Also: “Just because you are in the jury doesn’t mean you are out of the game.” What does that mean???

During the speeches, Candice and GinaMarie have a screaming match. OMG.

Big Brother 15 - Results - Double Eviction 1

Big Brother 15 – Results – Double Eviction 1

Eviction #1

Head of Household: GinaMarie
MVP: America
(Pre-POV) Nominated for Eviction: Candice, Jessie, Amanda (MVP nominee)
POV Winner: Jessie (saves herself)
Nominated for Eviction: Candice, Spencer (replacement), Amanda (MVP nominee)



McCrae votes to evict Candice
Aaryn votes to evict Candice (“the Clown” she said)
Helen votes to evict Candice
Jessie votes to evict Candice
Elissa votes to evict Candice
Andy votes to evict Candice
Judd votes to evict Candice

Candice – 7
Spencer – 0
Amanda – 0

Candice is evicted from the Big Brother house! She is the first member of the jury — and still part of the game.

GinaMarie to Candice on the way out: “At least my mom likes me not like yours.”

I feel so bad. This is the most racist group of houseguests ever. So disgusting. GinaMarie, Amanda and Aaryn will get what’s coming to them. Disgusting.

Candice is evicted from Big Brother 15

Candice is evicted from Big Brother 15

HOH Competition

“Summer School”

Questions: More or Less

Elissa out on first question
Andy and Jessie out on second question

Aaryn is the new HOH!

WTF is this???

That’s like the worst result to this double eviction! Sheesh.

Aaryn wins HOH during Double Eviction

Aaryn wins HOH during Double Eviction

Everyone scrambling to get in Aaryn’s head for nominees. Apparently, they want to save Spencer???

MVP twist is officially over.

Aaryn nominates Spencer and Jessie “by popular demand”.

Spencer and Jessie nominated

Spencer and Jessie nominated

POV Competition

POV Players: Aaryn, Spencer, Jessie, Andy, Judd, Amanda

“Nailed It”

Retrieve nails to complete puzzle.

Aaryn won the Power of Veto!


Aaryn wins POV - Double Eviction

Aaryn wins POV – Double Eviction

Veto Meeting:

Aaryn saves Jessie. She nominates Judd! (I told you guys!)

Judd is nominated for eviction

Judd is nominated for eviction

Eviction #2

Head of Household: Aaryn
(Pre-POV) Nominated for Eviction: Jessie and Spencer
POV Winner: Aaryn (saves Jessie)
Nominated for Eviction: Judd and Spencer



Amanda votes to evict Judd
McCrae votes to evict Judd
GinaMarie votes to evict Judd
Andy votes to evict Judd
Helen votes to evict Judd
Elissa votes to evict Judd
Jessie votes to evict Judd

Judd – 7
Spencer – 0

Judd is evicted from the Big Brother house!

Judd is evicted from Big Brother 15

Judd is evicted from Big Brother 15

Judd is evicted from Big Brother 15 Double Eviction

Judd is evicted from Big Brother 15 Double Eviction

These stupid idiots.

Well I told you guys. Amanda and Helen conspired (separately) to backdoor Judd at some point. And it did not help that Judd had a fight with Jessie this morning.

Looks like Helen has all the cards now. Amazing how she was able to convince Aaryn to put up Judd when Judd was the one trying to work Aaryn for weeks.

It’s also ironic that Judd was one of America’s favorite players — and then this stupid house votes him off. Just goes to show what kind of people are left there.

I really hope CBS brings back Judd at some point in the game. Houseguests have come back before. I’m very sad right now. I don’t want to watch this season anymore! These guys are horrible!

Also the irony: McCrae and Andy wouldn’t let go of Amanda, and yet easily let go of Judd — the effect is the same, their game is screwed because they are 3 instead of 4. That was the logic in keeping Amanda in the first place. But Amanda can afford the loss because she thinks she can control Aaryn. Sigh. Elissa’s de facto girl’s alliance wins. :)

Right now the long game is with Helen and Amanda (like it’s always been actually).

Live Feed Update: EVERYONE is blaming Judd for all the bad things that happened in the house. LOL! Amazing. These Mother Fkers! Obviously Judd had no power if he’s out already. Arghhh.


(Next HOH is either later tonight or tomorrow… most likely tomorrow. Stay tuned for spoilers!)

Since I can’t find Judd’s bear shirt, I think I’m going to get The Flash Mug Shot T-Shirt by Junk Food

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Amanda 1
Amanda 1

Nooo not Judd!!! I'm so upset over this. What a blindside that was for him, but he handled it so well!!!! I wonder what the twist is? Bringing a juror back into the house would be so weird, but this season is already messed up so why not!!! Ugh, Judd, I wish he could have been more low-key the past week because he was sitting pretty until he overplayed for no good reason. Oh, and Amanda's obsession with him being MVP screwed him. I'm bummed, Rickey!!! :(

I now want Spencer, Elissa, Jessie and Helen to team up and get the leftover Goof Troop out. I want their voting out Judd to blow up in their face. Especially McCrae, because he is an idiot for voting out Judd when it basically helped everyone else's game but his, lol.


Aaryn will win. Im not kidding.




I swear Helen be playing everybody! 


Is there anyway we can simultaneously evict the racists and the goof troop? LOL!

Rickey moderator

LOL -- and America's favorite player next to Elissa gets nominated. Sigh.


Candice goes and GinaMarie, Aaryn and Amanda are still in!? This is ridiculous. 



Klope62 moderator

Weird weird weird.

Rickey moderator

@realphill CBS won't allow it. That would label the show racist forever.

Rickey moderator

@Klope62 I'm so disgusted Gabe. This is national TV. So awful. GinaMarie, Aaryn and Amanda are disgusting human beings. Awful.

hrstump moderator

@Rickey @realphill Go Team AryanRace! Aren't all the people left on the show revolting people?


@Rickey @realphill she was on some serious limitless pill tonight thou, amanda/mcrea will target elissa/jessie/helen and viceversa.. spenecer/aaryn/andy/gm are in a good spot right now.. whoever wins comp at the exact time will make it deeper.. Aaryn seems to be the better competitior out of those 4... 

Rickey moderator

@realphill @Rickey She actually made a bigger target on her back with the bold move tonight. Meaning: She's not a shoo-in for the runner-up position like before, but actually someone who the house might vote to win. Which is scary. Not a good scenario for CBS actually. And after GinaMarie's outburst tonight, I'm sure the complaints will start pouring in.

Judd was the only genuinely likable person there in my opinion. :(